Recommend me a micro sd for Internal storage

I have a Nokia 5 Oreo update that takes up too much space in my phone so I'm going to buy a micro SD card to use as adoptable storage ie.

Recommend me a micro sd for Internal storage

I have a Nokia 5 Oreo update that takes up too much space in my phone so I'm going to buy a micro SD card to use as adoptable storage ie. use a micro sd as internal storage.
I know the micro sd needs to be a certain speed or it will cause problems.
I believe it may need to be U3.
Can someone recommend me a good one that isn't too expensive?
I was thinking either 64gb or 128gb.
Is this a good one?


  • The main problem is that most of that Apps must be installed in internal memory.
    If you want to install in Microl SD, you must activists the options as developper, typing 7 times on System Compilation.
  • With the Nokia 5 you don't have to bother with developer mode. It's not disabled like with other phones it's in the menu. That's why I bought this phone. Well as far as I know it is. It's supposed to be. Why doesn't anyone on any forums know about it? Finding out anything about this is like hitting my head against a brick wall. I can't find out anything , no-one has tried it and no-one has a fricking clue about it. Surely it's a common thing with this phone. It only has 16gb of memory sure there's no room for Oreo updates and the apps on the phone and their updates when you've only 16gb of space.
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    I've just bought a card. Didn't really know what I was doing, so it's Class 10 but only U1, with A1 App Performance. When I installed it, I got a warning to say it was too slow – apparently if I'd bought a card with U3, I wouldn't have received that warning – but it may not actually be an issue. Seems U3 might only be necessary for recording 4K video. If you're able to wait a few days, I can let you know what performance is like.

    The card you've linked to doesn't have an A1 certification, but as far as I can tell, that doesn't necessarily mean performance will be any worse, it just means they haven't slapped that particular label on their product yet. ('A1' refers to the card's suitability for installing apps, rather than just storing media.) If you want to guarantee A1 performance and U3 write speed, this one is the same price albeit with half the capacity:

    You could also try contacting Samsung to ask if their card matches the A1 standard.

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    I bought the Sandisk card mentioned by adbenj although just 32gb. I switched out a slower verbatim u1 card. Didn't think this would make any difference but the phone is generally a lot quicker and everything is a lot snappier afterwards. Before switching cards when opening an app, for example Newsstand eventually it slowed down and after a few minutes forcing me to restart the app . But with the new card this doesn't happen anymore. This has completely changed the behaviour of the phone. Also opening apps and browsing files stored on sd-card is way faster. So as far as I can see go for the fastest you can find.
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    Sandisk Extreme PRO A1 U3 V30 (32GB/64GB or higher) (Red and Black color) works best for me. After formating the MicroSD card to internal storage (so I can move most of my apps but the downside is you should NOT remove card anymore, otherwise the data is lost and you'll format again) TEST BENCHMARKS: Read speed: ~70MB/sec and Write speed: ~50MB/sec which is fast enough for most applications. I've tried the Sandisk Extreme (Red and Gold color) or Sandisk Ultra (Red and Grey color) but their write speeds are too slow as internal storage. They're only good as portable/removable storage. I recommend to choose the best MicroSD card and capacity within your budget before doing this
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    In my opinion, you don't really need the extra performance of the SanDisk Extreme Pro, which comes at a higher price and can be harder to find in retail stores. I recommend the SanDisk Extreme, as it's much faster than the Ultra. Beware of fake SD cards (all brands, including SanDisk) which generally are either much slower than advertised and/or smaller than stated. Buy from a reputable retailer or web store, avoid random sellers on auction and resale sites. The latest generation of SanDisk cards added the A1 speed rating mentioned above, older ones are just U3 V30. Get the newer A1 U3 V30 version, if possible, as they say it performs better for applications (originally SD cards were more intended for media files, not so much for apps).
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    I understand if SanDisk Extreme is good enough but you'll need the extra performance from SanDisk Extreme PRO (Red/Black) if you want to use the MicroSD card as an additional internal storage for Nokia 5. I've already tried using the SanDisk Extreme (Red/Gold) but it's write performance is too slow when formatted to internal storage. In my opinion, the default 16GB storage is no longer enough for most apps being installed. I hope Nokia upgrades the next Nokia 5 to at least 32GB so we can just have the MicroSD card as portable storage as it was intended.
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    Ok, so I did a little digging into the current SanDisk range, and the Extreme Pro is now a UHS-II interface (two rows of contacts instead of one). The Snapdragon 430 in the N5 only supports UHS-I, so the Pro is now needless expense. They have introduced an Extreme Plus, which is UHS-I, with the 100/90 speed specs of the previous UHS-I Pro. So, that's the one in the current range for max performance on the N5. The Pro should still work (falling back to the UHS-I standard), but you would be paying more for the extra unusable hardware interface.

    I still don't think the extra write performance over the Extreme is really needed. I have an Extreme A1 U3 V30 64GB, rated at 100/60 MB/s, adopted as internal storage in my N5. I find the performance to be more than adequate. It has roughly the same read performance as an Extreme Plus/Pro, which is what's most needed for adopted storage. The way Android splits the storage has the frequently written stuff mostly on the faster internal flash, and the adopted SD gets the more static content plus media. 60 MB/s write speed should be more than enough for the photo & video capabilities of the 5.

    If money is not a consideration, the Extreme Plus will certainly max things out, but the 5 is a cost-conscious mid-range device, so I feel the Extreme is a closer match to it.
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    To each his own. Luckily, I was able to buy their Extreme PRO (Red/Black) at a store sale/promo at almost the same price as the as regular Extreme (Red/Gold) for a limited time so I took the chance and so far I am satisfied. I guess, I can only recommend now to watch out for those sale/promotion of higher grade MicroSD from legit stores both online or offline. Good luck!
  • I bough sandisc class 10 ,UHS-1 , 32 GB,converted it like internal storage and phone is super fast. Only think i dont get is when i open file manager i only see phone free space,but when i open storage option i see sd card free space also. I tried diferent file managers but same thing.
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