Loose type c port issue in Nokia 5.1plus

Anyone facing this loose charging port problem? Like me?

Loose type c port issue in Nokia 5.1plus

user1539183512081 user1539183512081
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Anyone facing this loose charging port problem? Like me?
Its been only 3 months and cable wiggles a lot while charging and does not even charge if there's a slight moment! 
I even tried to use other cables but no use...mbl won't charge!


  • Planning to visit service centre this week! Let see how they respond
  • ritesh mishra ritesh mishra
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    Planning to visit service centre this week! Let see how they respond
    Ask them to open your phone in front of you, otherwise they will make it look like moisture entry. And will ask money.
  • Ok. I'll keep that in mind!
  • ritesh mishra ritesh mishra
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    Ok. I'll keep that in mind!

    Have you visited?
  • ritesh mishra ritesh mishra
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    job sheet : 572433527/190204/003
    Device;- Nokia 5.1 plus
    My phone charging was loose, after few days it becomes very difficult to charge phone. I visited service centre and they accepted the phone after inspection and told me to wait for 1hr , after 1 hr they come to me and said it is liquid damage due to moisture entry. You will be charged 1200 rs for charging issue in phone.
    1- my phone never even encountered even a splash of water, still if moisture is damaging the phone then is it a customer fault or device build quality.
    2- I asked what you did with my phone in room for 1hr, they told be they opened the font and checked the color of indicator. I told them show me the video of the repair or why if you had doubt you didn't open it in front of me. That told they can not help me.customer care also not helping.
    3- if it is liquid damage why sometimes charging is working sometimes not. If there is liquid damage it should completely stop charging. It is just to fool consumer to avoid warranty cost. It is simple case of poor build of USB port.

    *This was my first Nokia phone and it will be the last. Trust of Nokia is broken.
    I will never buy any Nokia phone in future, also I will recommend everyone not to buy Nokia phones since they are cheating customer.
  • akshay dhawale akshay dhawale
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    Same issue I'm facing...and in Pune's Nokia service centre charge me 1850 rs ...
  • Facing the same issue. In service centre now. Lets see what they say.
  • Anurag Sinha Anurag Sinha
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    Me too faced the same issue
  • Anurag Sinha Anurag Sinha
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    kalpita A said:
    Facing the same issue. In service centre now. Lets see what they say.
    What did they say?
  • Pranjal Sharma Pranjal Sharma
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    Yeah I too have been facing this problem lately
  • Same issue, my phone is 2 months old 😥😥
  • user1538669390250 user1538669390250
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    Hey guys, I own a Nokia 5.1 plus and I have the same exact problem. Went to Nokia Care today, they told me the same thing, that it was moisture resulting in liquid damage which coincidentally is not covered by Nokia's warranty. They charged me 1800 bucks. I'm not sure if I want to get it fixed from them. Has anyone tried getting it fixed from the authorised service centre? If so, has the problem been solved?

    ~Another disappointed Nokia user
  • this will be my last Nokia phome
  • I'm facing this issue too
    Its type c cable has got very loose
  • Mj Hussein Mj Hussein
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    We should come together and file a legal case in consumer court. Make a whatsapp group and take everyone who is suffering from this charging problem.
    mine repaired with 980rs charged by service centre which was falsely accused as liquid damage by nokia care. totally disappointed with service centre & nokia. i will support for consumer forum. what they said abkua yours? have you visited service centre?
    Is ur phone charging port working properly. How many days for repairing.
  • Yea i  have also that problem then it was serviced repaired by service centre but they broke my mobile glass and they dont accept that they done it very bas service by *moovatupuzha  nokia service center kerala
  • Madani Madani
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    Nokia Care doesn't even have stock of the replacement port. Asked me to come back after 1 month. I have battery left for 2 more hours and my phone will be off for the next 1 month. 

    Nokia...! This is horrible. Please call back all the defective phones.
  • Subin Dev Subin Dev
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    Faced same issue....went to service centre....within 4 hours they fix... service was free...it claim in guarantee
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