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  • Dionysis
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    I had all the problems StephanP and most of you all mention and Nokia chat was ridiculous. After trying all possible solutions, I end up disabling battery optimization through adb shell. It's not that easy, but it's the only working solution I found. To do so:
    • download adb drivers on your PC (free/google search)
    • enable usb debugging mode on your device (developer options menu)
    • plugin your device to your PC and give your permission to usb connection
    • open a cmd/powershell window in the folder of adb installation
    • type adb devices to make sure your device is found
    • type pm disable-user com.evenwell.powersaving.g3
    Now the power saver app is disabled and you can also disable adaptive battery from device settings. All the bugs you, I and most of the users are mentioning here are because Nokia is not actually permitting to disable their battery saver feature other way. Not only this app decides which app to run into our device's background, but as you can see they don't mind responding to any of the problems mentioned in their own community.

    It's a really poor aftermarket service which disrespects the clients and our word-of-mouth power. It took me hours of trying and failing to end up to the solution I suggest, while they could provide either a bug-fix update or at least an officially-written fix like this one.
  • StephanP
    StephanP ✭✭
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    @Dionysis thank you very much for the detailed instructions on installing adb and applying the necessary changes in the system.
    Before going down the adb route,  I've disabled two system app com.evenwell.powersaving.g3.* 
    If this does not do the trick  then I'll go "adb" for evenwel.powersaving and mediatek.duraspeed as per @Obazda
  • Is there a difference between disabling the two system apps com.evenwell.powersaving.g3.* via Settings - Apps - All Apps - System and via adb?
    Because the first method did not help in preventing Authenticator or the Bitwarden Accesibility service being killed.

    So, I'm following the adb-route now.
    My N3.1 is a TA-1063 (build 00WW_3_180)
    Today, I'll be checking if disabling DuraSpeed is sufficient a cure.

  • The adb duraspeed hack persists reboots on my device.
  • With just mediatek.duraspeed disabled, the Authenticator app and Bitwarden Accessibility Service remained active for many hours.
    But the next morning I found that both of them had been switched off again. 
    I'm going to disable com.evenwell.powersaver.g3 as well. 
  • StephanP
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    Hmmm, my platform-tools (28.0.2) do not contain a command "pm".
    Well, I've extended my MacroDroid macro to kill both DuraSpeed and Evenwell.PowerSaver.

    Edit: Checking Settings - Apps - All apps - System apps, I found out that my li'l macro extension did not work. Evenwell.PowerSaver was still marked as active.
    So I manually deactivated com.evenwell.powersaver.g3.* .
  • 1. You have to manually open the whatsapp to get notifications.
    2. When brightness is lowest, screen keeps going off
    3. Navigation bar is too big
    Battery usage data not available also.
  • StephanP said:
    Edit: ... I found out that my li'l macro extension did not work. ...
    A few days later I learned that apps were still being killed and Accessibility Services were still being disabled. Checking the MacroDroid logs I found out that the "disable DuraSpeed" macro I had created contained configuration errors that caused it not to work, apart from the closing notification.

    Action: System Settings [System] instead of the intended System Settings [Global]

    A small and easy mistake for an old rooky.
    Having fixed that, DuraSpeed is now firmly disabled also over device restarts. Apps are no longer automagically killed, services are no longer disabled and WhatsApp and other messages are coming in quite smoothly, including notifications.
  • Obazda
    Obazda ✭✭
    New Security Update for March fixes none of these issues.
  • Brightness below ~ 35% - the screen backlight is flashing;
    less than 10% brightness can get an epileptic seizure;
    other problems are the same
    Nokia 3.1 (AT-1063)
  • My phone screen blinks at low level brightness is it normal?
  • Dmniq
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    Hiker said:
     Same Unremovable "Google Search Bar" , it could be just find a way to move around the screen, for me, the search bar is ideal when it is in the top... 

    another thing, in 8.1 you only need to drag down the menu once to hit the setting icon, now you have to take an extra step by pulling down the full menu to access the setting icon

    anyhow, I am reporting another issue:
    after pie update, my Screen Lock constantly failing to recognize my correct pattern, it says "wrong pattern" even though I did input the correct pattern, it can be solved by restarting temporarily, but this issue will come back soon after restarting. it is so so disappointed when you try to unlock your phone with correct pattern but it tells you "wrong pattern"

    it that just me or is happening somewhere else as well?

    This just happened to me today.    how were you able to solve yours?