Reply option and verified accounts

Hi, I noticed that the reply button (when replying to a post on forum, not the topic (main post)) redirects to the home page.

Reply option and verified accounts

stipe1906 stipe1906
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I noticed that the reply button (when replying to a post on forum, not the topic (main post)) redirects to the home page. I think it shouldn't be that way, but probably quote the user we are replaying to.

Also, I don't know if that's implemented but a mark (like the tick on Twitter for verified accounts) standing with the user accounts of official profiles (like admins or HMD employees) would be great, because I already saw a user called "Nokia" and that's probably not the official Nokia (or maybe is?). I see the mod has mod written so maybe that's already solved for all "HMD" accounts.

Would be smart restricting usernames like Nokia etc when registering.


  • Anna - Moderator Anna - Moderator
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    Hi Stipe1906!

    Thanks so much for your feedback. The account in question was not an official account and we've been in touch with the user who has now changed their display name. Thank you for spotting it so quickly!

    Moderator and admin accounts will be named either moderator or admin, and there will be a special symbol next to their name - that way you will always know whether it's an official account or a user account. 

    For the reply function - that is a great point and we agree! Improving the reply function will definitely be something we will look at when making improvements. 

    Thanks again!

    -Anna (moderator) 

  • possukka possukka
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    Hi Anna

    Thanks for your explanation, but to be honest: @mentions, threaded conversations, employee or admin badges, private messages, automate ban of non-allowed usernames... are the bare minimum for a community, how come there aren't there since the beginning? 

    For the 'reply' button, that's not an improvement, but a terrible bug that should have been spotted and fixed before going live in the UAT phase, it's just so basic.

    It's true that now you have a monumental task ahead, being benchmarked against the old Nokia Support Discussions, that had many features well ahead of its time and that was considered one of the best and most reliable branded communities in the world.

    But hey, that's why we - the ones who knew the old community inside-out - are here together with many all-time-Nokia-unconditional fans >> to help you develop further this place and making it even better than its ancestor.

    Let's do it!

  • adrianhughes adrianhughes
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    i've just had the Reply issue happen to me twice tonight just in this one login, it's somewhat frustrating. Also when you login, it throws me back to the homepage - it would be nice that if i have come across this thread and haven't logged in yet, it should just take me back here when i have logged in.

    I agree with Possukka on his comments - it is a bit anaemic and makes long-time forum users such as myself frustrated and more time-consuming. of course there are going to be a lot of one-time posters on these forums, but for those that have come back from the old Nokia Support Discussions (which there are a fair few already) - makes it a bit harder for us to help out like we intend to.

    I understand though that it is early days, and hopefully more and more users come on here and are made aware of this place to come for support

  • possukka possukka
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    I just realised you can upvote your own posts.... manipulation and abuse of it here they come!

    Please Anna, fix that one first, it completely overturns the intended benefit of 'Upvoting"

  • Anna - Moderator Anna - Moderator
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    Hi Possukka & adrianhughes,

    For the reply issue, you are absolutely right - as I noted in another conversation, there is a bug in the function and we're working on getting it fixed as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work through it. 

    In terms of your improvement ideas - we're really thankful for your feedback, especially coming from long-time forum users such as yourselves. We're indeed in very early days and we're aware the community is quite basic at the moment. We were really keen to get the discussions going and will be developing & improving as we go along. 

    That's why we're so excited that we have you all here, to help us make this a better place for all! 

    Thank you,

    Anna (moderator)  

  • possukka possukka
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    I just went through the source code of this community, it seems to me you're not using any platform package but rather Open Source and free tools, like Google Analytics. Coding and developing this community by yourselves will take ages and a lot of effort and money, not to mention the pain to customers and helpers trying to use it.

    Honestly a community like this needs way much more investment - both money and strategy - to be taken seriously. Just let me know if you want support for this, I should still have somewhere the 110 use cases & features we used for RFPs in the old Nokia Care days. Just shout, you can see my email.

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