Hey bro! Can I borrow your dongle??

That's some finna woke

Hey bro! Can I borrow your dongle??

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That's some finna woke


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    First of all, to the OP: yeah, me me big boy.


    That said, we do need to talk about the absence of the headphone jack, HMD. 

    Sarvikas SHOULD have given us an explanation about it. 

    A GOOD explanation. 

    Because removing the 3.5mm port is just a stupid anti-consumer decision.

    It makes sense for Apple to do it. They don't make money from it but they do from any headphones or adapters that connect to their proprietary lightning port.

    HMD will NOT make a single dime from USB-C adapters or USB-C headphones. On the contrary, it's spending more money because you'll have to pay for the inclusion of USB-C headphones and an adapter in the box.

    Which means removing the headphone jack represents simply a "Apple did it, we copy Apple" attitude that doesn't offer ANY real benefit to the consumer.

    It's a terrible, terrible mistake.

    And if I listened to ANY music on my daily driver phone, it would be an immediate deal breaker (it just won't be because, lucky for you, I carry an Xperia XZ1 Compact with me as a dedicated music player. But I'm probably the exception, not the rule).

  • LennartB LennartB
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    Weird choice from HMD.

    Every other model that was announced has a 3.5mm jack, but their new flagship doesn't.

    If Samsung can IP67 waterproof their flagships with a 3.5mm jack, HMD should also be able to do that.

    Anyway, glad i have my Nokia 8, which doesn't break when i drop it since the back is aluminum.

    If i were to buy a new Nokia phone right now it'd be the Nokia 7+ probably, THAT looks like an amazing mid-ranger.

  • If I'll buy sirocco to replace my nokia 8, I won't worry too much about 3,5 jack absence. I'll just use USB-C headphones, which will come with the phone, or maybe I'll just use some bluetooth headphones.

    This phone does look as a masterpiece and I think that the sacrifice of 3,5 jack was not a very high price to pay for it.

  • dbs dbs
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    @Leslie Chow

    You might want to reconsider that. The 8 Sirocco also lacks a microSD slot. Unless you stream all your music, it's a terrible option.

    Also, some of us already have headphones, better than the ones in the box. And we don't appreciate carrying dongles (which you WILL lose sooner or later). Removing the headphone jack is just a mistake without any justification, even from the design perspective.

    The more I see of the 8 Sirocco the worse the phone gets. It's not that innovative or pretty to warrant SO MANY compromises. The list just grows and grows...no headphone jack, no OIS, no microSD, no better more complete version of Android...

  • If this device doesn't meet your needs, it just isn't meant for you then:)

    For me 128GB is more than enough. I do stream all the music from onedrive, so I don't have that problem. 

  • LennartB LennartB
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    Hi Leslie Chow, IMO the high price isn't justified because of; no OIS, no headphone jack, previous gen SD835, no micro SD card slot. 

    If you can't see why the loss of OIS and headphone jack and SD card slot compared to the Nokia 8 are a step down in terms of having a complete device, then i don't know what else to tell you. 

  • I'm just saying, that there is no reason to get all emotional, the market will show what is what and there are new phones coming.

    As for the OIS, I'm curious what proper reviews will show, because camera on my nokia 8 is no prize either.

    I can say that for me, this is the worst camera in a looong time. Even my lumia 920 in 2012 was way better. But that is just my opinion.

  • dbs dbs
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    I agree with LennartB

    It's not about getting emotional. It's about HMD NOT LISTENING to the feedback they got from their customers.

    When the Nokia 8 was released, us fans (the ones who would be first in line to buy the phone) told them loud and clear that the phone did NOT meet the standards we expected from a Nokia flagship nor from a phone that they were asking 600€ for.

    It lacked all the essentials from a real Nokia flagship like wireless charging, an AMOLED display, a great camera and a camera button.

    So they did they rebranded the Nokia 9 as "Nokia 8 Sirocco". As such, one would expect this "better Nokia 8" to improve on the things the Nokia 8 failed.

    And what does it do? Oh it fixed the absence of wireless charging and OLED alright. And then what did it do? It REMOVED for NO GOOD REASON the headphone jack, the microSD expansion slot and OIS...oh but there's still a huge camera hump.

    OIS is essential on a smartphone camera. Sony has been trying for years to convince people it's not necessary and for years Xperias have been failing in the most basic of camera tests because of the lack of OIS. Google didn't put OIS on the first iPixel and even them - with their far superior, albeit incomplete, camera software - saw that they needed it and the iPixel 2 has it.

    And on top of all of this, they ask 750€ for the Sirocco.

    When we had already told them we wouldn't pay 600€ for the Nokia 8 as it was.

    And proof of that is that the Nokia 8, released in September, can already be bought for almost half the price (I got one for 350€...down from the original 600€). The Nokia 8 Sirocco will face an even faster depreciation.

    And meanwhile, we Nokia fans continue without a real flagship that can stand head-to-head with the competition. All because HMD simply isn't listening ;)

  • ritzar ritzar
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    The device is "As it is". 

    Remember that Sirocco is made with 2 gorilla glass sides held up with a steel frame. If you make a hole for the 3.5 mm in the frame, what will be the rigidity of the phone? Let us think? 

    You have on the market USB C headsets without adapters, if you don't like the headset that comes in the box.

  • The device is poorly designed and it sacrifices basic features for absolutely no good reason.

    Dongles and crap like that are NOT good substitutes for a superior analog headphone jack connection.

    USB-C adapters and audio through USB-C is INFERIOR to that provided by the headphone jack.

    Therefore, "let us think"? We already did. And we decided that the Sirocco "as it is" is a bad phone.

  • ritzar ritzar
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    When you say "We" you should think about yourself. Imposing your taste and opinion to others you can do in blogs and your own channels.

    If you don't like a product it is your own right. 

  • It's called pluralis maiestatis (majestic plural). Part of the grammar of many languages, including English. In case you didn't learn that in school ;)

  • ritzar ritzar
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    I am not going to enter a conversation with someone on this forum on off topic subjects.

    The majestic plural is used by e.g royalties. This theme is closed for me, your royal highness.  

  • No, it's not. Maybe you should go learn some grammar before you try to engage with other people. I have better things to do than to educate the wilfully ignorant. Have a nice day.

  • Moved over to USB-C this year, best upgrade ever. So much better than past USB standards. One charger for my Nintendo, Nokia and MacBook. 

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