April 2019 Security patch for Nokia 6

Finally received April 2019 security patch update for Nokia 6 along with Android 9 Pie (V6.17D)


  • also received in UAE ...is any improvement now after update ? 
  • also received in UAE ...is any improvement now after update ? 
    No significant changes. 
  • April 2019 update draining quite a lot battery. When I tap the app drawer button to see background apps running, more or less 3 seconds later it responds. Worst update
  • My camera app is also not working after this update
  • My camera app works fine. At least the focus problem is solved I guess. You can try using a different camera app (in my opinion best one is GCam). You can find it modded version on Google.
  • April 2019 security patch has broken VoLTE and WiFi-Calling (O2 Germany). VoLTE and WiFi-Calling settings have vanished. Now calls often abort within a minute because of bad GSM/UMTS radio reception. I recently dismissed my landline. :(

    Nokia support lays the blame on O2. But - before installing the April 2019 security patch VoLTE and WiFi-Calling worked. Android has no API to provision VoLTE/WiFi-Calling settings. The device vendor has to ship IMS configurations.

    If Nokia is incapable to get their phones working this will be the last HMD device in my family and my company. :(