Touch screen freeze Issue on nokia 8.1

The touch screen on my Nokia 8.1 seems to freeze sometimes while using it. The only way to fix it is to lock it again & unlock it (press power button) & then it works. But this is really frustrating & is affecting my user experience. Idk if this is a software bug or a hardware issue. Anyone else with this issue? Please help. 


  • Bro try to search thread if u ll not find any thread related ur issue then create ew one....v alrdy discuss about this issue.... @Gokul M Anil
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  • Why the **** this screen freeze issue shows up all of sudden? My phone is good since 3 to 4 months. But all of sudden screen freezes since 2 days.

    Why still there isn't any permanent fix for this issue?

  • I have also this problem?