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I've read from a few places that the 4.2 doesn't include any Evenwell apps, is this true? If you have a 4.2 you can confirm by going to Settings and searching for "com.evenwell" and see if anything shows up in the list.

If the apps are actually gone, what are they replaced with?


  • singhnsk
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    Yes, it doesn't. Already checked in the firmware. I have purchased the Nokia 2.2. It is made by FIH, but does not have Evenwell apps again AFAIK. I'll be able to tell more when deliveries start. Probably around 15th.
  • Muser
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    singhnsk said:
    Yes, it doesn't. Already checked in the firmware. I have purchased the Nokia 2.2. It is made by FIH, but does not have Evenwell apps again AFAIK. I'll be able to tell more when deliveries start. Probably around 15th.
    Interesting, how about "com.nbc"? Have they all been replaced by HMD apps?
  • singhnsk
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    @Muser From Nokia 4.2.
    Bundled apps:
    [email protected]:~/kubuntu/system/system/app$ ls
    AutoRegistration                    imssettings
    BasicDreams                         KeyChain
    Bluetooth                           LatinImeGoogle
    BluetoothExt                        LiveWallpapersPicker
    BluetoothMidiService                Maps
    BookmarkProvider                    Messages
    BuiltInPrintService                 NetworkSetting
    CalendarGoogle                      Nfc_st
    CallFeaturesSetting                 NokiaSupportStub
    CaptivePortalLogin                  PacProcessor
    CertInstaller                       PAIStub-releaseT89571
    Chrome                              PartnerBookmarksProvider
    ChromeHomePage                      Photos
    colorservice                        PhotoTable
    CompanionDeviceManager              PrintSpooler
    com.qualcomm.qti.services.secureui  Protips
    ConferenceDialer                    Qmmi
    ConfURIDialer                       QtiSystemService
    CtRoamingSettings                   QtiTelephonyService
    CtsShimPrebuilt                     remoteSimLockAuthentication
    datastatusnotification              remotesimlockservice
    DeskClockGoogle                     SecureElement
    DeviceInfo                          SimAppDialog
    Drive                               SimContacts
    DynamicDDSService                   SimSettings
    EasterEgg                           Stk
    embms                               talkback
    FidoCryptoService                   Traceur
    FMRadio                             uceShimService
    Gmail2                              uimlpaservice
    GmsSampleIntegration                WallpaperBackup
    GoogleContacts                      WallpaperPicker
    GoogleContactsSyncAdapter           WAPPushManager
    GoogleExtShared                     WebViewGoogle
    GooglePrintRecommendationService    xdivert
    GoogleTTS                           YouTube

  • singhnsk
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    The bundled service apps:

    Aiai                       FilesGoogle               ProxyHandler
    AndroidOneLauncher         FusedLocation             qcrilmsgtunnel
    AndroidPlatformServices    GmsCore                   SearchLauncher
    app_center                 GoogleAssistant           Settings
    BackupRestoreConfirmation  GoogleBackupTransport     SettingsIntelligence
    BlockedNumberProvider      GoogleDialer              SettingsProvider
    CalendarProvider           GoogleExtServices         SetupWizard
    CallEnhancement            GoogleFeedback            SharedStorageBackup
    CallLogBackup              GoogleOneTimeInitializer  Shell
    CarrierConfig              GooglePackageInstaller    StatementService
    CarrierServices            GooglePartnerSetup        StorageManager
    CellBroadcastReceiver      GoogleRestore             SystemUI
    CNEService                 GoogleServicesFramework   TagGoogle
    com.qualcomm.location      HMDCameraSigned           Telecom
    ConfigUpdater              HMDLegalInformation       TelephonyProvider
    ConfigurationClient        HMDSetupWizard            TeleService
    ContactsProvider           ims                       Turbo
    CtsShimPrivPrebuilt        InputDevices              UserDictionaryProvider
    DefaultContainerService    lens_app_signed           Velvet
    DemoApp                    ManagedProvisioning       VpnDialogs
    DeviceActivation           MediaProvider             Wallpaper
    DocumentsUI                MmsService                WallpaperCropper
    DownloadProvider           MtpDocumentsProvider      WellbeingPrebuilt
    DownloadProviderUi         MusicFX                   WfdService
    dpmserviceapp              OobConfig                 WosFaceService
    EmergencyInfo              Phonesky                  wt_secret_code_manager
    ExternalStorageProvider    PicMix                    xtra_t_app
  • Muser
    Muser ✭✭✭
    Thanks for sharing. Are you able to see the package names as well? The following apps from your lists are also on my Nokia 6 as Evenwell apps.

    - Auto Registration
    - SetupWizard

    I assume HMDLegalInformation and HMDSetupWizard are replacing their respective Evenwell apps.

    The power apps would receive the most complaints so I suppose leaving those two isn't so bad.
  • singhnsk
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    edited June 2019
    Yes. I have the full apps. So, i can see the package name if needed. For now, none of the package names have nbc or evenwell in them. FIH is no longer doing the software.
    I'll let you know about the power savers when I get the phone. If it has aggressive killer, then that's sad.
    Setup Wizard is standard Android setup wizard which opens when you touch a factory reset device. It's there in all phones :)
    The auto registration is a core component and available in smartphones from all brands. That comes from the chip vendor actually.
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