How our Android updates work - An Infographic - Page 4

I just have to agree. :)  After the update works as in Oreo. ::smiley:

How our Android updates work - An Infographic


  • petrus petrus
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    madbilly said:
    after the pie update, my compass doesn't work properly. always show the opposite direction. Nokia 8 TA 1004
    The April update may fix that, check in the Nokia 8 forum ;)
    I just have to agree. :)  After the update works as in Oreo. :smiley:
  • Traveler 37138 Traveler 37138
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    If your thorough testing before is so good why am I still having issues with my earpiece receiver, even after extensive troubleshooting with a rep on live chat? I sure would like to get this fixed before I need to use the dual sim , and so I don't have to bring my Samsung out of mothballs
  • my google assistant don't recognize my voice when I say (hey Google) ??????
  • Paul D Paul D
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    Where's the part where HMD re-insert the evenwell junk/suspected-spwyare into the otherwise clean Android installation?
  • Paul D Paul D
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    steviant said: You left out the part where HMD Global add in a special application that breaks all background tasks. 
    for i in `pm list packages  | grep evenwell | sed s/package:// ` ; do pm clear $i ; pm clear --user 0 $i ; pm disable $i ; pm disable --user 0 $i ; pm uninstall $i ; pm uninstall --user 0 $i ; done

  • Obazda Obazda
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    Nokia updates suck way to many major bugs.
  • Why nokia 5 no signal?
  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    @Rafif Adyatma
    Hello I would suggest to post this same issue in Nokia 5 discussion page so that users in Nokia 5 can answer your issue
  • Jovita Jovita
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    My Nokia 5 is always  hanging after upgrading from Android  7 to 9 House what can I do? 
  • Monali02 Monali02
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    After upgrading the pie the battery drain issue continue to be there ? 
  • Chaman98 Chaman98
    Any body face the issue in the night taking the shot.
    If are any one face these problem so let us know
    As soon as 
    Because the I had bought a Nokia 6.1 plus 
  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    WhatsApp has officially ended support on Dec 31,2019 itself,so there are no such alternate app available for Windows Phone

  • johnmarky6 johnmarky6
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    Completely agree to @todesurteil

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