Network isssue

Hi, I am using Nokia 8.1(x7) for a week that I am getting issue with calling in 4g network... whenever I am in 4g network unable to make calls and after changing the network only I can able to make calls...I raised the issue in Nokia support chart and they also give some suggestions to reset the network settings I done it...but after sometime the issue started again...and I reset the mobile  and till now I. Using with that issue..I think it's a bug in Nokia 8.1 (x7) . request to take action on the same


  • See that when there is an issue with the network first,let you checked this by contacting the Network customer care and tell the issue because there will be an issue with the signal covered in your area.Mostly in Beta/Preview builds only you will be facing the Network stability issue from Software Side and in stable builds it will not be there.So better Contact the Network Customer Care and ask them to provide better signal quality

    Please note that the signal strength must be above 30-35% so that there will be no issue while calling in VoLTE and also in internet.