Too much price for display replacement

Unfortunately, i have recently broken my Nokia 8.1 display. later on i contacted  customer support and got Nokia cares information.
When i called them they told me  screen will cost 12000 INR. This is really too much even after Nokia 8.1 price drop to 19000 INR apx in India. No one will waist this amount for 19000 INR phone instead purchasing low cost mobile will be better such as MI note 7 or Oppo's mobile.
I would request NOKIA to kindly drop the price of spare parts. It would be helpful for customers.


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User
    The prices will come down over time as the demand for those spares reduces and the availability and chances of obsolity increases. But currently, that's what you get. You can consider local/unofficial spares if the official look costly to you 🙂
    Even I did end up paying 11K for the display of my OnePlus 3 a few years ago.
  • With no Gorilla glass, it was bound to happen 
  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User
    That's the kind of poison that the marketing has pushed into the minds of consumers. Gorilla glass is still a glass and it is equally prone to cracks if it gets an impact. You can say that it is slightly more tougher, but the key quality of Gorilla glass is its ability to resist scratches. Corning never advertised unbreakability as its quality and it never can.
    The glass used on the Nokia 8.1 is equally comparable to the the gorilla glass with minor ups and downs.
  • Lol, Nokia 8.1 price is going down left n right ,,may be they will sell it for 10k by Aug ,, 
    Why to go for screen replacement ,, just buy new one 
  • That's a reasonable price. They might be selling the phone at a discount price, but you can bet they won't give you a discount on parts and service.