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I have been experiencing a problem where out of the blue my Nokia 3 just restarts itself. It's happening almost daily. Anyone else have this issue or know a fix for it?


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    Yes same probably and a couple of times a day. I noticed that it can happen when you plug the charger in regardless of battery level, but it has also occurred all by itself.  We deserve answers.

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    I also had the same issue when connecting the charger. I "fixed" that issue by keeping the screen on when connecting the charger (not pressing the power button before connecting the charger). Not a proper fix but it worked. Haven't had the charger issues since February.

    I find it strange though because I contacted support about that charger issue but they seem to think I was the first to bring up the issue to them. Just a quick search and you can see it's pretty common
  • Thanks Kaspa for your message. I will see if keeping the screen on does the same for me.