How to downgrade from Pie to Nougat?

Hi! I've heard that the Nokia 6's Dual speaker with Dolby Atmos had been better when it was running on Android Nougat. I'm using this phone for one year and I'm not used this phone with Nougat. Now I want to test it. Please guide me how to downgrade my Nokia 6 TA-1021 from Android Pie to Nougat version.


  • You can't downgrade. You should unlock your phone (nokia has not released the unlock bootloader for nokia 6 2017 yet). If you are not an expert in the field, leave it alone. But if you want to risk there are many guides on the XDA forum, but you have a small percentage of success if not impossible.

    It is not recommended. Wait for the bootloader to be unlocked.
    The forum: