Emergency call Problem in Nokia 6.1 Plus

Emergency call button is placed along with power button, it causing accidentally dialling of emergency call. Dear nokia plese provide option to disable the button.


  • Just pressing the power button once doesn't dial the emergency call. You will have to press the power button three times continually.
  • OnePlus 5 added new settings for this Emergency call. Using which we can change this 3 times power button press to 5 times, or even we can also disable this.
    Pls, add this option in Nokia too. At least for 5-time button press.

    Source : https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/behind-the-scenes-how-we-adapted-to-android-pie.909531/
  • Please fix this Nokia. Facing same issue for past month
  • OnePlus is another league. Nokia only ships the beige Android created by Google. So, maybe this request should be sent to Google and if they like it, they might make a change in Android 11. Because 10 is already finalized. Now funny is that Nokia 6.1 Plus won't get 11.
  • Facing same issue and also camera getting turned on please give some solutions and don't say REBOOT

  • If I press power button (nokia 7.2) it's directly goes to emergency call, how to disable it?... 

    And it also not locking mobile.. 

    This is happening since android 10 update.

    Please look into this ASAP

  • Guys please disable this feature at least make the call after pressing the power button 5 time's. It's really annoying future to have.