[Update]Android 10 Roadmap for Nokia phones

HMDLaura ✭✭✭✭
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Hi Nokia phones fans,

After being the fastest to upgrade Nokia phones from N to O and O to P, we are very excited to share our Android 10 roadmap for Nokia phones with you. The roll out starts in Q4, 2019!

Stay tuned and get ready to welcome Android 10

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  • Wow thanks@HMD_Laura I'm waiting for Android 10
  • I'm a Nokia 7+ user here in Doha Qatar I bought my device recently aug 9 these year would I get that new android 10 for my device here in Doha Qatar?
  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User
    Yes @nonong :)
  • Will you get volte finally to work with German providers?
  • Can any one know when in q4 of 2019 as im nokia 8.1 owener !
  • @HMD_Laura I'm waiting for Android 10 on my Nokia 3.1
  • Me too for my Nokia 6.1 2018 TA 1050
  • I am Nokia 6.1 2018 TA 1050 user,owner.