Please improve the camera app

I really like Nokia 8 but the camera app. The big issue of the camera app is auto-focusing. When I take a photo and touch the screen to focus a object.

Please improve the camera app

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I really like Nokia 8 but the camera app. The big issue of the camera app is auto-focusing. When I take a photo and touch the screen to focus a object. When I am waiting the right moment, the camera app will re-focus on center of screen. It dose not make sense. About recording a video. Please see the follow video  . You can easily notice auto-focusing problem while taking videos is jumping around too much. And OZO recording, there is no recording app for recording audio, only can apply in recording a video. What a pity . Please tell me you guys already try to solve this kind of problem. And I will wait the new firmware coming. And sorry for my pool English.


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    Pixel camera apk gives much better pictures compared to the stock camera. Hope this gets better with an update.

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    I can't agree more .

    I am back to Nokia 8 from iphone 7 because of the nostalgia and specs it has .

    The design , specs seems to be awesome.

    The biggest problem is camera app. It crashes frequently and options are quite limited .

    The front and back toggle is quite weird place.

    colored and Twin mode doesn't show much of the improvement.

    Please concentrate on better camera app .

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    I would like to highlight also the Camera topic, this is the best phone also camera is good, only the features/focus needs to improved s lot...
    Hope we are not disappointed.
    Please reply Nokia, I do not see any official reply on this topic.
    Very sad!
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     I noticed that the "Open Camera" app works much better than stock, except it cant take advantage of the dual lens capabilities.
    So either, help open camera have support for your hardware or get more features in the stock app,
    Namely Shutter speed, ISO control, DNG/RAW capture and maybe higher framerate in the app... its not exactly smooth.

  • moonshine moonshine
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    The Pixel camera app is a monster compared to the Nokia 8 stock app. Please improve the camera app, because there is clearly nothing wrong with the hardware.

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    Can someone send me link to download pixel camera app, please.
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    Pixel camera App is not open for all devices . Even if you use it will crash.

    Your best bets are

    Open camera ( free)

    Camera MX

  • moonshine moonshine
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    Google camera with HDR+

    Open Camera

    Download it from Google Play.


    In my opinion the Pixel app is more user friendly, than Open Camera. But that is just MY opinion. I've tried both and Open Camera seems to be more powerful (you can tweak you settings a lot more etc.). The only question is: how much tweaking do you want/need?

  • If I install Google Camera from a file, it does not invalidate the warranty?
  • No, I don't think so. You are free to use whatever app you want. It's rather a matter of what Google has to say about it, but I don't think they mind very much.
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    The camara is not bad, but the focus...

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    Yes, that's pretty much it! Of course, the UI is kind of crap too. But I'm sure we'll soon get to enjoy the old Lumia UI - along with the improved camera focus.

    I'm still very happy I switched from iPhone 6 to Nokia 8!
  • If you're into you're photography like me install the best Android camera app

    Camera FV-5

    Makes a massive difference on this phone.
  •  Unfortunately Camera FV-5 crashes everytime I try to make picture.

  • arron clarke arron clarke
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    For anyone wondering the CEO of HMD has confirmed that they are working on a new Camera App for the Nokia 8 and the other Nokia phones (currently available for the Nokia 5 with the Oreo Beta) and they have heard the feedback.
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    I agree here with most of the comments about doesn't have iso settings and also not sure how to o adjust things in night mode. Flash doesn't actually capture the night mode.
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    We immediately need camera firmware update
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    This is, by far, the worst smart phone camera ever. The focus is slow, and when trying to focus on a specific area on screen, then it reverts back to center when releasing the shutter. My only regret with this phone is this poor excuse of a camera. I hope a firmware release can fix it. So disappointed in a flagship phone!
  • Vicky max Vicky max
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    I don't like to use this with Nokia brand because Nokia is good for camera but this flagship Nokia 8 cam next filing...I missed lot of best shots... At the time I BUYED this mobile till today many times I asked them but seems no use.... Always hoping update update update
  • The phone gets very hot when taking pictures with the zoom. Then it has a big problem with the sharpness, the white balance, the camera application freezes. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • Likely Nokia is going to use Lumia UI , will hope to see some improvements.
  • bloomba bloomba
    I think Lumia UI is Microsoft patented
  • There was a 300mb+ patch recently which makes the camera much more responsive.

    As for the Lumia UI; HMD bought a lot of patents from MS last year including the Lumia UI patents.

  • Have a look at the DXO test of Nokia 8 camera. I think neither a firmware or software update can improve much. The cam is simply to bad compared to ALL other premium models of other manufacturers
  • "Nokia 8 gets a poor DxOMark score"
    Nokia , time for action , expecting some update/patch to improve camera better.
  • I hope someone is reading this. I love the phone, and would recommend it, but it's really unacceptable that the camera app is crashing from time to time. Please update the app ASAP.

  • I agree with the comments about the camera app - its such a let down that its so slow. It was strange - i'm sure when I first got the handset (last week) it was faster...but now its slow. I purchased the Nokia 8 as it was the flagship in their range and wanted something with Stock Android. Please Nokia release a firmware update to fix your slow camera app!

  • user389 user389
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    Even a UHS-1 speed class U3 SD is slower than the internal storage.
    I suggest judge the camera performance without an SD card in the phone.

    The blinking square in the middle of the viewfinder does not necessarily focus in the centre of the picture. It's a scene evaluation to determine which of several camera modes to apply and where to focus.
    - The indicator when the camera is opened from the Messages app is more meaningful IMO: A circle and two brackets that turns green when ready.

    - I wish HMD / Zeiss would make more technical information regarding the Nokia 8 camera available, with samples of its different modes.

    So far I've seen Normal, HDR, Low-Light, Smart-Denoise and Fusion (in the .jpg EXIF info > software) but there may be more, or more variants of each?

    I'm happy to leave the camera at full auto for snapshots, there's a good chance it will take a useful picture, I'm just curious about the technical stuff.

    Some more feedback:

    I can relatively easily provoke a camera app black screen and an empty thumbnail picture when toggling between the camera app and the Google Photos app. Closing the camera app from the running apps list restores things to normal and the picture is saved.

    There has been a camera app crash while fiddling with the mic settings (surround, front, back) and recording short videos with Sports-Tracker running in the background.
    It only took down the camera app and the last video went missing.

    - Both of the above issues may also be Android OS issues, and I hope it's already sent to the developers in the telemetry from my phone.

    The date in the watermark option is in American(?) format on a phone set up in Danish, so today is displayed as 04. 06, 2018

    - I suggest use ISO format (today is 2018-04-06) for all languages, since pictures are shared globally, to avoid confusion.

    I thought about adding sample links and screenshots, but its probably better to try and see for yourself regarding autofocus, scene modes etc.


  • Vicky max Vicky max
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    Really appreciated to all, Most of people giving very suggestions and also mandatory but the thing is HMD just opened these forums and in real their didn't care our interests and our feedback...6 months onwards waiting to fix their first flagship phone camera issues... Till today no use... Let them stay long in the market
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