Nokia should rebuild NOKIA 5800 Xpress music


Nokia should rebuild NOKIA 5800 Xpress music

saadain saadain
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So. Nokia is reeboting old phone's right...  Nokia 5800 Xpress Music should definitely make a comeback with updated Symbian OS sound waves theme pull down notifications, Ovi Xpress music logo audio video quality enhanced and more.. Listen to us Nokia MAKE IT HAPPEN..


  • hikari calyx hikari calyx
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    And don't forget the cheaper version 523X, which was common in China few years ago.
  • f82 f82
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    I don't think that to rebuilt every models of the past is a great marketing moves. The 5800 (I had it) was a good phone, great for that moment but the resistive screen tech was already too late for the future, the sunlight contrast wasn't the best (coming from years of transflective great displays that were perfect), not to mention the camera module I never really understood how was possible to have such low-end resulting camera.
    But still I did like that phone for the size of the plastic, the feel of the back panel, the black-red color balance etc, but at the end not really the "best" phone.
    And anyway the problem is still the operating system. Will they install droid os for every smartphones and kaios for feature phones? Or will they have also some completely different roads cause I'd like to see some completely new o.s. not based on anything seen before and not even linux based.

  • saadain saadain
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    ... but with Symbian Os
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