Where can I buy the new 2720 in the UK ?

With it only visible on the international English page where can I order the new 2720 phone in the UK?

I've considered getting the new 220 4g before this announcement but didn't see anywhere to order that phone either. I expected the phones to be up for pre-order or just available in the case of the 220 4g.


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  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭
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    At present it is available on pre-order from Clove Technology in the UK.


  • what about in India? Is it possible to buy ?
  • Does this have a flashlight? It has a flash so hopefully it does otherwise it will be the 800 flip for me. 
  • N808
    N808 ✭✭✭
    Why is the version on sale in the UK only single SIM, and colour black?

    I received today from Germany the dual SIM, and grey, version.
  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭
    In the UK Argos and Carphone Warehouse are now advertising the flip (& 7.2, 6.3) for sale. 
  • Andyroid
    edited December 2019
    Is the 2720 Flip going to be available from the Nokia website in the UK? Wondering, as the 3 year warranty is attractive...