DXOMARK: Nokia 9 PureView camera review

Hi all,

as it turned out in the test, it is not such a miraculous camera, but has its exceptional characteristics.  More information about the test can be found here:


  • They have made a mockery of such an outstanding phone. Others paid and got good reviews. HMD sat back and thought word of mouth will be good enough for the promotion. But with this lackluster community it's not going to happen
  • See. Nobody is even discussing about dxo. Such a worse community. Is your N9PV really deserve 85 or is only my unit is on par with top ranked phones?. We are trying our best to prove Dxo wrong at platforms like Twitter but are falling short of support
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    @stetre76 There is a fundamental issue with the cameras in low light. Small cameras and lenses mean the images are too dark for recombination. Essentially it is a good idea poorly executed. I agree that the software needs work.
  • HMD not providing a camera update is unforgivable. They did the same with Nokia 8. Now doing with Nokia 9. Though I get excellent pictures 75% of time. Problems are in extreme lowlight and moving subjects like kids. And no focus control in manual mode. Working with Raw makes the photos much better. 
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    There is still something to improve on the camera application.  Perhaps the update will come with Android 10.
  • Google is ruining Nokia
  • @PRIMAL TECH please explain!!!

    imho it's the other way round, especially when we are talking about the camera software - the camera software is the only app/software that's not coming from Google but was developed by HMD/Nokia

    It's the HMD/Nokia camera app/software that makes the N9PV camera so hard to use...very slow start up time, no manual focus, switching between modes very slow,...

    of course i do see the problem that the native google camera hasn't supported multi-lens cameras yet and that's probably why HMD/Nokia came up with their own software. 

    But I am quite sure that the google camera could have been modified to support multi-lens cameras and i am also quite sure that the result would have been way better than what HMD/Nokia came up with...
  • @stetre76 Google Camera is probably one of the only selling points of Pixel and Google has not offered its Pixel camera app for licensing to others. If it was, HMD would not have spent into building their own app.

  • @singhnsk you've definitely got a point there!
    still, i think the multi lens camera was was also one of the reasons - so far google didn't really support multi lens cameras.

    This is (probably) going to change with the upcoming Pixel 4/XL although a direct comparison to the N9PV camera is still going to be difficult, as the Pixel 4/XL is not going to combine its lenses in the way the N9PV