Nokia 3 problem

I am facing problem with charging and hanging from the date of purchase.

Nokia 3 problem

kkaran raj kkaran raj
 /  edited October 2018
I am facing problem with charging and hanging from the date of purchase. After buying nokia 3 it requires update of 135mb then after updating a message flash that facebook is not responding and same as other apps is not responding. When i plug in for charge it automatically switch off and after that when i hold power button then it works. This action perform 2 times from the date of purchase of nokia 3. Plz give me the relevant answer. I am very upset with nokia 3 comeback performance.


  • Grover Grover
    ✭✭  /  edited September 2018
    Me too facing same problem .
    When I switch between two apps sometimes one of the app stop responding and I have to close that app .
    And when I plug charger into my device it's screen goes off . It happened 3 times last week .
    Then I need to switch on my mobile .
    Please give a reply nokia
  • Anna - Moderator Anna - Moderator
     /  edited January 2018

    Hi Grover and Karan! 

    Really sorry to hear about your experiences. Have you been in touch with our customer support yet? If not, just check under 'Contact us' and select the way in which you want to get support (the options will depend on your area).  

    Here you can also find information about walk-in repair services in your area, as well as warranty information. 

    I hope your issues get resolved soon!

    - Anna (moderator)

  • user962 user962
     /  edited September 2018

    they told me to contact Google bcs they have invented android! Nice job Nokia! 

  • user1511207128491 user1511207128491
     /  edited October 2018
    Nokia3 isn't working perfectly phone. In this phone many problems.
  • Shreyansh pal Shreyansh pal
     /  edited October 2018
    Nokia 3 Very bed phone
  • Jades Saragih Jades Saragih
     /  edited October 2018
    I got the same problem
  • user1517139827597 user1517139827597
     /  edited October 2018
    Hang the phone
  • SyahmiRs SyahmiRs
     /  edited October 2018
    My friends, upgrade to oreo i am sure all problems will be resolved.
  • user1536910917579 user1536910917579
     /  edited October 2018

    my nokia 3 battery drains very fast, after upgrading to Oreo 8.

  • user1536910917579 user1536910917579
     /  edited October 2018

    Very bad experience, regarding battery backup.

  • user1538536396269 user1538536396269
     /  edited October 2018
    I want to change my Nokia3 with Nokia 5.1 plus .please HMD global solve my problem .
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