Nokia 6.1 Plus – General FAQs Thread



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    <div class="QuoteText"><p>HMD brought back Nokia into the mobile phone industry which got a lot of people excited including myself.</p><p>Millions of people have bought handsets with subjectively beautiful designs and competent clean software but now thousands are facing issues with their faulty charging port. I own Nokia 6.1 Plus in India (Nokia X6 in China) which now after 5-6 months from purchase has an extremely loose USB C charging port, the phone doesn't charge properly anymore, one has to adjust the cable to make sure the phone charges and can't be used while charging. Nokia has an active online community where so many users have posted regarding the same. The worst part is that Nokia 6.1 Plus is not the only handset facing this issue, users have reported the same thing happening with Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 5.1 Plus on their respective threads. Also, Nokia's authorized service partners are giving a timeline of 1 month wait time for the repair process and quoting up to 2K INR for repair if the warranty period is over or if they deny warranty in case any they find any water damage. If there is any design or manufacturing fault with the charging port.</p><div>The perfect and commendable solution for HMD would be to realize this is unacceptable and recall all handsets and repair the charging port with a properly designed/manufactured one free of cost as its almost inevitable to avoid this issue upon regular use.

    Can you help me out by signing this petition?</div><div><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></div></div>;
    </div><div>thanks i signed your petition because you are right. Thanks for making the petition
    I also faced this issue of loose charging port. Luckily service centre here in amritsar helped me out. Got the port replaced under warranty in 2 hrs. But in general I agree, this has been a disappoint experience overall. The proximity sensor in calling doesn't work properly. Camera is pathetic at best. 
  • Hello! My front câmera  dont work..... What happen?
  • In june security patch there is bug a cp client notification again n again on screen plz fix this issue
  • Yuki
    Yuki ✭✭
    Wifi automatically starts... 
    Ture-off the settings. I can't remember where but look for "turn-on automatically when excelleet WiFi is available".
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  • Jhingalahuhu
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    So when will Nokia allow us to unlock our bootloader? Or was is just a scam of words by Nokia to sell Nokia devices in India?
  • I'm facing issue with the charger,I'm using the original charger that came in the box still sometimes my phone gets disconnected from charger
  • How to remove on screen button in chrome fullscreen??
  • Their is a bug after update...
    After turning off mobile data,it is showing off in setting but internet is still working.
  • Hi... Having issues with my 6.1plus.
    Love the phone. Unfortunately, for no apparent reason, the speaker volume (where your ear is when you are taking a call) is now virtually impossible to hear.
    Has this happened to anyone lese?
  • I am having problem with 6.1 plus sms notification sound.. Tried every kind of settings in sounds menu.. Nothing works 
  • When was Android 10 available for 6.1 Plus 
  • please provide navigation bar change option in next update and some hidden features too
  • I have a restart issue after the latest update. my phone just suddenly just restarted itself every time I played a voiced video like IG story and Youtube, though if I connect my phone to an external device like bt speaker it didn't happen and keep going. can anyone help?
  • <b>hello guys, i want ask when we are going to get android 10</b>
  • Vaibhav Deeka
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    Hello everyone. I am not sure if anyone else is facing this problem but recently i have noticed that EIS is acting weird while recording videos on my Nokia 6.1 plus. The video recording stays stable when the phone is kept still but the video lags when i tilt my phone in any direction. It's like when i am moving my mobile towards right, the video shifts slower than the actual movement of my mobile and is laggy. The resultant video is pretty laggy and unstable. Can anyone help me with this?

  • [{"insert":"I request all customers please don't buy any Nokia smartphones.\nThe accesories and services by authorised centre's are exploiting customer by charging heavy amount.\nNokia fooling the customer with discount sale and then recover from repairs processes\n"}]
  • [{"insert":"My nokia 6.1 usb thethring not working in ubuntu\n"}]
  • Sir my phone 6.1+ par security updated not provide in November.

  • [{"insert":"May i know which PC software is their for backup nokia phones ?\n"}]
  • Hello sir all 90persent of user 6.1 plus face charging port issue it is clear that it is a manufacturer defect so why nokia not recall all phone ......... nokia caire workers just hrashing user and they just have one answe for all it is liquid damage so you have to pay 80-90 persent users put their phone in water it a joke plz make a sense and recal all devises don't cheat peopels

  • Still not receiving any update after aug security patch........

  • - Anyone else here encountered not being able to share Spotify songs to Instagram Stories with this phone? Option just doesn't show up for Nokia 6.1 Plus

    - No December updates

    - Camera app should be improved. Or maybe can we just have a legit and stable Google Camera app instead

  • Feeling too much happy.....

    Finally get the android 10 update on my Nokia 6.1 plus on 7th of January with the December Security patch update

  • Hy so how much money of Nokia 6.1

  • After Android 10 update, how to select which apps gets dark mode by turning on the dark theme? How to individually turn on dark mode for apps without system wide dark mode? And also the google widget cannot be customized properly after turning on system wide dark mode as the dark mode is not reflecting on the the customize option. I want a white google assistant widget but with dark mode enabled. Please help

  • Is wifi calling available on this phone .

    If not when will it toll out

  • Still the battery level indicator is not visible. Please fix this issue nokia as soon as possible. Moreover my screen cast is not working properly after the android 10 update