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Mira cast is not available

Mira cast

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Mira cast is not available


  • I've had the same question, is there anyway we can get MiraCast to work?

  • There are many questions about miracast. But there is no answer of the supporter. Perhaps Nokia-HMD is not capable of handling this problem. You should buy another smartphone, instead of Nokia, if you want to use Miracast
  • Our Nokia phone support miracast? Or they not install hardware for miracast to work in our device.. some feature need hardware to be working.
  • HMD just doesn`t care that you want Miracast..... just like they don`t care about the touchscreen problems and the notification light.

  • I wonder why did they remove the notication light from global release..i think it most useful if the nokia can retain the notification light on our nokia phone. Most of mobile phone manufacture remove the notication light. Hard to find budget smartphone with notification light on the market now.
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    HMD have chosen the stock Android / Android One path. Personally, that is a major reason why I'm interested in their products. That means being extremely closely aligned to Google on most features. Google deprecated Miracast in Android Marshmallow 6.0, in favour of Google Cast / Chromecast.
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    According to the Wifi Alliance the Nokia 5 should support Miracast. If HMD have removed Miracast support then the certification should probably be revoked: https://www.wi-fi.org/product-finder-results?sort_by=default&sort_order=desc&categories=4&subcategories=38&capabilities=2&companies=4563600

    There are some methods in this thread which you can try to get it working on your phone: https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/22177/solution-to-cast-screen-without-chromecast
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