Possible problem with Nokia 1 September update?


Please be aware I am not the most technically gifted person so I might have got this completely wrong!

I have recently had an issue when I downgraded Google Messages app from beta back to stable version whereby it now says it's incompatible with my phone. I have created a topic on the Nokia 1 so won't bore you with the details.

Suffice to say, I went into system/app folder using a file explorer to find out what the factory version of Google Messages is. When I checked the manifest, I saw that the Android build version says Q instead of 9 which makes sense to me why the Play Store cannot update my app due to the OS being different to the app build.

I decided to check on all Google apps. To my alarm, I discovered that the vast majority of Google apps now say Android build is Q.

I had the September 5th security update only a few days ago. My concern is this update has somehow changed the build version for some Google apps to Q which if I'm right will mean if I uninstalled any update on Google apps that say Android build is Q, they too will be become incompatible.

I enclose sample screenshots to show what J mean. Would appreciate any technical advice to confirm/deny my theory!

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  • Hiya @Deerp,

    now im not a super up to date android tech person here so i might be wrong,however looking over the images you provided with the knowledge i do have i'm seeing that 1) the android messages version you posted in the top image does support Android Pie (SDK 28) & Android Q (SDK 29) so shouldn't be an issue if you have either of these android versions installed on your Nokia 1.
    2) looking at the android manifest second image the right hand manifest jumped out at me that you have a android instant/go/lite version of messages that is present which is different software altogether. (not installed to device)

    first make sure that this is uninstalled along with any beta version of android messages from the google play store beta program...and then clear your storage cache on the device & not the user data (your messages) i recommend at least backing them up using third party tools first.

    then restart the phone and just install the public version update of messages (to the device) first (you may have to opt out from the beta program which is a risk that you may lose your spot in the program) from the play store (make sure instant/go apps are disabled in the play store settings also) then see if it allows you to install.

    The Android SDK is normally set i believe to the highest level to make sure its compatible with all android versions whereas an app only on Q Will only work on Q and if you dont have Q/10 installed it wont be compatible with your device.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Kind Regards

  • @PhantomR thanks for your reply appreciate it. I have actually opted out of the beta for Google messages and now I cannot even find the app on the play store. If I search for it, it doesn't find it and it doesn't even appear in list of apps in Google LLC. I have Nokia 1 which is an Android Go Edition. All of those manifests were taken from system/app folder which I believe will be the versions installed if you factory reset your phone. 

    I think my only option for the messages app to revert to what it should be is factory resetting the phone as uninstalling updates does not make the app appear on play store unless I go in Chrome and even then it comes up that my phone is incompatible with the app. Crazy.
  • Hiya @Deerp

    If you re-enable the go/instant apps settings under google play store settings while logged in via your google account they should show up when you search in the play store again...also if they don't then try searching for the apps via play store on the web and set it to install to your nokia 1 device from there.

    i always believe that the last resort is the factory reset...its evil lol.

    Kind Regards 

  • @PhantomR looks like this Google Messages problem is infecting other Nokia phones @singhnsk has confirmed there have been problems on other Nokia devices such as Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 8.1. Thanks again @singhnsk
    Please check your messages app appears in play store and go on Chrome to see if your device appears on list of devices that is compatible with this app as your phone may very well have same problem.

    Yes factory reset is a last resort especially if you are not rooted and cannot back up apps and app data with Titanium Backup and if you use apps you can only download via APK such as Fdroid etc as you them have to spend ages getting everything back! 

    I will not give in to this and eagerly await Google to sort out this charade and quickly!