Developers please provide a bug fix for Nokia 8.1 Android 10

Please send a bug fix.. please please please... After the update the phone is full of bugs.


  • 1. After updating the device, mobile data turns on automatically whenever restart the phone. Please fix that bug.
    2. When the device boots up, it takes quite long time to load the interface and icons. In Android Pie, the load up was quick.
    3. Swipe gesture to navigate between opened tabs feels stuttering some times while switching quickly.

    Hope these flaws will be fixed very soon.
  • Sumon_5 said:
    Please send a bug fix.. please please please... After the update the phone is full of bugs.
    I think only option is wait for another update now.........
  • updated to Android 10 on Nokia 8.1 show two problems: 
    a) the photos can no longer be copied into the SD card, in existing folders that are still viewed in the gallery, but - just - only the internal folders for  copy selection.
    b)the lower draw bar with the 5 apps "connected" to all the underlying apps with the swap, no longer the possibility of dragging the icon of a favorite "quick" app, but it displays the 5 last apps opened, so it practically becomes  useless since the most used apps generally we still keep them in the home

  • Some of the apps UI not optimized for the new gesture bar. At the bottom of both sides the cutout seems square which looks ugly.
  • <b>Listing few known bugs

    1. Problem with fingerprint unlock- Need to tap 2 times to unlock with fingerprint. 
    2. Glitchy animation when cycling through open apps with "Full bezel option" enabled
    3. Dial pad is lagging when pressing numbers fastly. Dial pad opening animation also not smooth.
    4. No charging sound even after enabling in settings- only vibrates when connecting charger 
    5. Volume settings (accessed by using Volume up / down button) is white in color even after enabling dark theme ( I am listing this bug because it is part System UI element)

    Missing features

    1. Quick toggle for Dark mode is missing quick settings panel
    2. Trusted face / Face unlock option is missing
    3. Focus mode feature missing
    4. Camera app needs to be updated with additional features like Dedicated night mode, Slow motion video recording @ 720p 240fps, option for recording video at 1080p 60fps
    5. Quick toggle for switching data SIM. Now we have to go to Settings- Network & Internet- SIM Cards & need to change prefered SIM for data from there.
  • After updating Android 10 there are a lot of bugs comes.
    1. After restarting phone, it took more time to load UI comparing to Pie.
    2. UI become laggy and switching apps also lags.
    3. Please improve camera UI and also make it stable. Too much laggy while using it and heating issue is also persist.
    4. It not showing captured images immediately in Photos took some time for showing. Please fix it.
    5. After update very bad call quality and connection experience.
    6. Most of the time call didn't connect. To make a call have to restart the phone then I'm able to make a call.
    These are the basic features and functionality of a phone which we need on daily basis. So fix it as soon as possible. 
    Mostly calling and camera issue.
  • Sound is not hearing during call
  • Nokia phones 8.1 slow internet
  • Widevine L1 to L3 after Android 10 update. Screenshot is from Netflix.