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@WesleyLee has been in the mobile industry since the first Android smartphone took off. Today, as our Senior Director of Experience, Wesley oversees key innovation areas including camera technologies, PureDisplay, and the overall Nokia smartphone experience. For an hour on Monday 11 November, he’s taking your questions!

Here’s how it works: post your questions about the Nokia smartphone experience on this thread by Monday 04 November, 10.00 GMT. From then until Monday 11 November, you can like the posts asking your favourite questions to give us an idea of which ones you’d like to see answered.

On Monday 11 November at 08.00 GMT, Wesley Lee will sit down for an hour to answer some of your top questions. The answers will be posted in this thread, quoting the original question. If you have a follow-up question, you can reply by quoting Wesley’s answer and he will try to respond.

Wesley will offer full answers to as many questions as reasonably possible within the hour, but please note that because of the limited time frame, not all questions and follow-up questions can be answered.

So, get posting your questions and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

I will delete all non-topic related questions and comments from the thread to have better overview of all the questions for us and for all of you.


  • Does PureDisplay turn photos to HDR or is this just Quad Pixel sensors ability?
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    the spec's Race

    I'm a big Nokia Fan since the 3330 and hmd global is obviously a start Up and does a great Job in my opinion. It make me sad when i read this many harsh critics about the hmd Smartphones in the Community. It's expansive to produce a high end Phone and a high end camera like a iPhone or Samsung Galaxy s class. So for a start up, i think it is hard to find the best way to offer a good Quality and a good price product. Without that much Money, it is hard for a start Up to Invest Millionen into camera technology, even with the Help of Zeiss. It's all about spec Race. Better processor, better camera... But what ist about reliability and Security? Hmd does a good Job to deliver. The only Thing i suggest is to make more advertising speciallyfor your products in Europe. It's also expansive, but people reacts only in Things they See. I'am from austria and there is nearly nothing in TV or Something Like that.

    With best regards Andreas
  • Hey,
    Thanks a lot @HMDLaura for this wonderful activity where we can ask question or communicate directly to Wesley Lee. And thanks to Wesley lee too giving his valuable time to community members.

    As we all know Nokia have powerful camera sensors enough to compete any other brands but still we are lagging(in some aspects). There was a time when people used to talk about quality of pictures on Nokia. We had 5233, N8, Lumia 1020 and powerful 808 which was milestone in back. And now we have Nokia 8.1 and Pureview 9 but somewhere they failed lil bit to get that market and appreciation. Everyone knows Nokia phones do best when we use G cam instead stock camera. Then why we are still waiting to overtake and give our best. 

     As a mobile photographer I always prefer to have a good camera sensor or bigger camera sensor not the mega pixel. As already mentioned by @singhnsk everyone is fighting for more megapixel on phone and that too with multiple no of camera on back and I don't know till what limit it's going to be continued. In future can we expect something new technology in imaging system or some other method than having multiple cameras on phone. 

    Can we expect new design for nokia phones in future? Like some special edition designs or metal and glass combine. 

    Thank you HMD, Nokia, @HMDLaura and Wesley Lee again for such a initiative,
  • petrus
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    Hi Wesley Lee,

    for me it is interesting as it was with 5 cameras for Nokia 9 Preview.  How long did it take to develop 5 cameras from design to finished device?  What obstacles had to be overcome in order to achieve the required photo quality?  Are you planning to continue this set of cameras, or will the configuration change?

  • Hi, i have a query regarding the Pure Display. 
    I just bought a Nokia 7.2, but I have been facing issues with the Pure Display in the dark mode. The color distribution is inconsistent.

    See the following pics. 

    YouTube and the notification drawer in the dark mode with pure display on:

    Now look at images of a video I was watching.

    With Pure display 

    Without Pure Display 

    Clearly, Pure Display is ruining the colors on the screen. I have shared the images and the videos describing this issue with your support team thousands of time. My device has been replaced twice in a month due to that issue.

    Nobody is telling me if its a software bug or a hardware issue. And not just me, other owners of the Nokia 7.2 are facing the same issue. Many of them might not be even aware of it. 

    So my question is, Is this how the Pure Display supposed to work? Because I have failed to see any other improvement over non Pure Display screen. 
    I have the same question
  • Nokia 8.1 user here. Why is it that video stabilization is subpar in 4K mode? Isn’t it possible to get EIS working for 4K?
  • All the phones only record video in 30fps, why is there no 25fps (PAL) option for those of us who live in Europe?

    Also Wesley, what was the first Nokia model you owned?
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    Hello @HMDLaura Madam 

    Hello Wesley Lee Sir & welcome to the Nokia Phones Community.

    1)  Why Nokia not make more advertising in India.? (Like- Hordings, TV, Road side banners, Mobile Shop, Railway station, IT park, Mall)

    2)  Need better speakers and Audio quality on Nokia phones.Why Nokia are not providing Dolby Atmos on latest models.

    3)  Megapixels matter with Carl Zeiss lens in Nokia phones ? (I think its does not matter) But because Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 8  Sirocco camera is better than Nokia 7.2 - 48 Megapixel.

    4) Why Nokia phones price Little bit high by other phone company ?

    5) Why Nokia Camera (inbuilt app) not giving better result like Google camera ? Nokia is always & forever best but not good as like Google camera. when improve Nokia Camera ?
  • Hi @HMDLaura and Mr. Wesley

    My Question is as Follows:
    What will be HMD Global's approach in the next financial year to compete in the market?

    As the Smartphone market has drastically changed in the last couple of years and now with many companies that are competing in the market very aggressively the competition has become tough.
    As your price has been on the higher side with specs on a little lower side, how are you guys thinking to encourage people to switch to Nokia?

    I am a huge Nokia fan and have been using them since I got my first smartphone.
    I am eagerly waiting for something unique from HMD Global.
    And I am hoping that you guys put an end to my wait next year.

    Thank You

  • dixit1234
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    Can the Lumia Series be started again with the Jolla's Sailfish OS?
    I am also love tha design of Nokia Lumia 900 & Nokia N9  but  must use android with meego ui type launche. If it will happens then definitely Nokia will be so beautiful and unique 😍
  • shaikh amaan fm
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    dixit1234 said:
    Can the Lumia Series be started again with the Jolla's Sailfish OS?
    I am also love tha design of Nokia Lumia 900 & Nokia N9  but  must use android with meego ui type launche. If it will happens then definitely Nokia will be so beautiful and unique 😍
    The sailfish OS supports almost of the apks and they have their own store as well. If they go with skinned Android, it will conflict the idea of bloat-free devices.
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    Jack of All Trades, Master of None
    Do you think HMD produces too many phones?

    HMD has many good phones from all price points (which is good) but without the resources of a large company, do you think the company is spreading its resources too thin by allocating too much resources on dozens of devices that has to be supported for 3 years? Do you believe HMD should continue making many good phones a year or few phones but with unique experiences that excel in their price point?
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    Does it mean pure display is limited i.e.Support Of Wide Color Gamut and HDR same as most of sAMOLED for Video and Images?
    I mean to say is it possible always on display on lock screen on Pure Display Panel Like we have it Clear Black Glance Screen which is available on Nokia X2 Dual SIM(Right now uses this on sAMOLED).
    Why there is not implementation of enhanced (HDR Auto/On/Off) Color option in HDR in Camera Application?
  • SirFaceFone
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    Personal Opinion
    What Nokia phone do you use for work/personal life? What do you like most about your current phone? What do you think about the hardware and software experiences and how it blends together? What other devices do you use and have used in the past? What are those "little things" about the phones that more people should know? And what do you think are the things/experiences that can be/you think should be improved?
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