Nokia 7 plus Face unlock

Nokia 7 plus is having face unlock is there?

Nokia 7 plus Face unlock

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Nokia 7 plus is having face unlock is there?


  • hazzu hazzu
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    yes it has .. 

  • Is it working fine as other brands?
  • I have received the mobile yesterday itself but I dont find any face unlock nor dual volte option. I am really confused. Such a nice phone but not having these features is sad. I hope we receive these features with OTA update as some phones in China ave received the update. Finger crossed.
  • cjmagowan cjmagowan

    Don't have face unlock as well from Philippines. Running Android 8.1 April security Patch

  • RIght. Even I have the April Security patch but I have seen videos in youtube getting the face unlock and dual sim update with the same Security patch. Lets see whether we will be getting it or not
  • cjmagowan cjmagowan

    why does Nokia implement one feature but not available with everyone? 

  • Prem Kumar G Prem Kumar G


  • Face unlock have, currently am using face unlock features in Nokia 7 plus,

    Settings->security & location->smart lock-> enter your pin-> face recognition,

    Face recognition,-- sunlight and bright light work fine
    Voice unlock,- can use
    Location unlock,,- 樂
    Trust device unlock,
  • No it does not have face Unlock.. and for all those telling that smart unlock is face unlock .. ITS NOT .

    I did tried it and set it up and used it it was opening by any face looking at it and does't work like the one shows in videos of nokia 7 plus on internet. I am using Nokia 7 plus Indian Version (ANDROID ONE) 

  • My 7 Plus does not have an face unlock. :(

  • I was disappointed once again by Nokia because Nokia repeatedly refrained from its promises and could not fulfill it. 

    @deepalakshmii Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 plus and the new Nokia 6, as well as the Nokia 8 will get face unlock as an OTA update in the coming months

    — Nokia Mobile (@Nokiamobile) June 23, 2018

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