Needed apps from hmd. Global

hmd. Global Nokia must think about dedicated apps for some main tasks.. Community forum app, A photo gallery app and a music player

Needed apps from hmd. Global

malik minhas malik minhas
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hmd. Global Nokia must think about dedicated apps for some main tasks..
Community forum app,
A photo gallery app
and a music player

These apps should be available in playstore so if anyone (like me) wants to have those can grab these easily.


  • user472 user472
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    Also i have this problem.. plz make some special app from HMD..when we use 3rd party app we have to face lot of problems.
  • ritzar ritzar
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    You actually have a community forum option in the support app.

  • user248 user248
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    Stock Android features a Photos and Play Music app. They are preinstalled on your phone, so no additional downloading is required.

    There are a number of free and paid music apps that are better than the stock app, for instance, PlayerPro, Poweramp, VLC and Neutron Player.

    Developing HMD versions of these types of apps would likely be too costly and time consuming, including managing, developing and updating them.

  • madbilly madbilly
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     I agree that HMD developing Nokia-specific versions of standard apps would be costly, but what about HMD making exclusive apps that take advantage of unique hardware aspects of the Nokia phones, or include apps for free that otherwise have to be paid for in the Play store.

  • Nokia suppose to have in built application for controle browsing of **** sites.
  • Ekbz Ekbz
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    it will be great to see a Nokia/HMD own apps, like dealer, galery, music player. I know that it will be a cost of time and money to HMD but this will "increase" a valor or felling that we are usign a "pure Nokia cxperience". It will be so good.

  • MobileCR MobileCR
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    I also let HMD the same thing months in 2018 they presented a photo app and pro camera app...which is a sign of change in the good way...maybe they are listen us finally

  • madbilly madbilly
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     Where's this Photo app? I can only see the Camera app.

  • Please hmd nokia instal aplicaciont galery end aplicaciont player video to nokia..thanks
  • user1526321059533 user1526321059533
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     user248 no, a gallery and music player are not bloatware, they are basic system functions, google photos and music are bloatware, they are services who not everyone would want to use, that use a lot of the finite amount of storage, by that logic, the camera app and calculator are bloatware

  • user389 user389
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    Google develop and maintain the standard apps for Nokia android phones, dialler, contacts, SMS, mail, browser, photos, music etc.

    Regarding Google Photos, it is designed to sync & save photos and videos to the cloud, then let the user 'free up space' and only keep thumbs cached on the phone, to conserve storage space.
    Cloud based solutions increase network traffic and may not be what you want or need, but it's a worry-free solution if the user has unlimited WiFi and/or a generous mobile data plan.

    There is a plethora of replacement apps in the Play store. The portfolio of free apps from developer Simple Mobile Tools has matured nicely.
    F-Stop Gallery is available in a pro version for a few $ to handle image files with titles and tags in folders the traditional way.

    foobar2000 is a feature-rich music player with its own support forum.

    Built-in apps can be deactivated once you have found replacements that does what you want, but I suggest carefully evaluate the alternatives first to see what you miss.


  • user1526321059533 user1526321059533
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     user389, deactivating an app does not make it go away, it just deletes updates and hides it, but its still there wasting space, im well aware that simple mobile tools exists, in fact, it was what i used until my friends used lucky patcher to make me apks of their galleries, file explorers, music players, etc, and while it worked for me, i doubt the average user would want to go through that, or have friends that have knowledge of how to (i have the knowledge, but my previous phone had android 5.0 and it caused compatibility problems with 8.1, so i couldnt do it myself)

  • The trouble with my TA-1054 is that it cam with no Android mail or contacts it has a stupid UC Browser which I think is bug filled and is all part of a Chinese conspiracy to brain damage Nokia. Why doesnt Nokia provide a fix for these affected phones and penalise the suppliers doing this. It is brand damaging.

  • Rory Breaker Rory Breaker
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    I totally agree with you. I would be great if HMD global would provide its own apps (pretty much like Samsung) covering basic features like a phone app, a message app, a music player (that at least supports playback of MP3 files from the smartphones SD card and internal storage), a contacts app, and a gallery app. And it would be even awesome if these apps would have a touch & feel that would remind you of former great Nokia phones ;-)

  • no need to put effort and money for programming for new apps, googles apps really good actually
    But google dont have blue light filter app or applock etc. HMD should make those programs what google dont have...
  • Akilesh Akilesh
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  • Rory Breaker Rory Breaker
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    God bless you, Akilesh!!! That's exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much!!! I wonder why Nokia does not add these apps to its European firmware version…

    Best wishes,


  • Appu Mali Appu Mali
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  • Martynasgl Martynasgl
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    Thank you. Why Nokia didn't put stock apps into european version?
  • Please make Nokia store for Nokia phones for apps
  • Nokia phone call app and call recorder also make
  • Nokia app lock and Nokia settings apk make for Nokia phones with best feature
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