Sim2 card slot not working

Hi Nokia, This is really disappointing service from a brand like Nokia. I pre ordered the Nokia 7 plus the day the sale got opened i.e.

Sim2 card slot not working

vikramjeet vikramjeet
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Hi Nokia,

This is really disappointing service from a brand like Nokia. I pre ordered the Nokia 7 plus the day the sale got opened i.e. on 20th April 2018 for Rs 26000. I got the phone delivered yesterday only and to the extreme disappointment i was handed over a defective set. The set failed to do the very basic function of reading the second sim card. I have done all the steps i can like rebooting, factory data reset etc but of no use.

Now the problem is that i cant find any solution from Nokia for my issue. Though it was mentioned on the nokia site that the pre order would have a 10 days return policy but when i contacted the customer care today morning, he told me that there is no return & refund policy. The only thing they can do is to check for the replacement of my phone. But again it has the conditions apply to it. The Nokia team would take good 24 working hours ( means at least 3 working days) just to check if the replacement can happen or not. Yes just to check these people need 3 working days. Huhhhh.. Imagine, i have paid on 20th April, waited for 11 days to get my phone, got a defective product and now the customer care team needs 3 more working days to decide if the replacement can happen or not.

I even gave the customer care executive the option that i can visit the Nokia authorised service centre today itself and if the service centre person finds the problem genuine, he can give me a replacement hand to hand. But the customer care executive ( Name- Yash) has his own rules and regulations for the replacement of a defective set.

This is disgusting and frustrating as well. I want my money back and i would never ever recommend anyone to buy Nokia again. It is much better to buy a Chinese phone of Rs 5000 which cant have this sim card issues.

Need your intervention and support at the earliest to get my money back.


  • I have the same problem although I have not contacted the customer support.dont know whether they will replace it or not.
  • Hey can Nokia solve this problem I also want my money back ,with a great hope I preordered it but facing .
  • Hi, I have the same issue. Just got the Nokia 7 plus delivered today and faced same issue. @Nokia or HMD what is the problem here. Can you check and confirm at earliest. This is really very bad customer experience.

    The Phone has come with the 8.1.0 version.  Do we initiate RETURN  ?

  • Yes you can initiate the return ,then they will ask for a video of the defect.They will ask for 24hrs time for further processing.
  • vikramjeet vikramjeet
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    Surprisingly all the 7 plus sets which are pre ordered from the Nokia site only are defective ones. If you check amazon, all the customer reviews are positive for this phone and no one is facing any issue. Wish i could have paid on 1st May and got an all ok set on 2nd May from Amazon.
  • I am feeling very dipressed yar ,i also regret of preordering it,i sholud have purchaced it from Amazon they were giving it on no cost emi.It's really a nightmare for us.
  • vikramjeet vikramjeet
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    True Saurabh. One more thing that i just noticed is that not all of my comments are getting posted. I made few comments last night and i cant see them here.. It means that the forum handler is filtering the comments before anyone can see them. Chalo, at least someone is reading our pain.
  • Thank god someone from Nokia is reading these reviews and fingers crossed for next procedure.Hope for better customer service which till today we are not getting.
  • vikramjeet vikramjeet
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    So, after 3 days of hardwork and multiple repeated calls to customer care, i have finally succeeded in getting my defective set picked up. Will have to wait for 3-4 more days to get the new set. Hope the new set works
  • Virkamjeet do I need to call customer care for picking up the defected set or they will process it after seeing the video?
  • vikramjeet vikramjeet
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    Yes Saurabh. You have to call them multiple times. If i count, i have called the customer care 12 times in last 3 days... You have to call them time and again.
  • Ok virkamjeet ,I have called them let's see when they will schedule the pickup.Hope everything goes smoothly.
  • Hi, I have  the Nokia 7 plus and Sim2 not working. Requested Refund and they said that I need to visit the near by service center for Software update. This was a gift to my GF and has turned to be a worst experience for me. Secondly the service center does not have the latest software update :-( .... 

    Now what I should do..?? I have been calling these guys repeatedly and till now no update of replacement or refund....Nokia its a way to GO

  • Same problem on my phone, tried all possible way but not solved need to visit service centre or replace it
  • Nokia denied replacement,they tell that this is a software issues and will be fixed by OTA software update and then I asked what if it's not fixed after that update ,then he didn't comment any thing on it.wasted my hard Earned 26 k₹,lost all hopes from Nokia it's like a nightmare.
  • puneet puneet
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    This phone feels like a test piece as its software is full of bugs.
  • It seems they don't care about reviews...

  • Has this been resolved for some body ,because for me Nokia denied replacement,they gave a security patch (may) ,I installed it but the issue persists,now they don't respond,Nokia is behaving differently ,they don't care for customers.i am stuck with a defected device.
  • biswadeep biswadeep
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    Yes solved for me after installing the OTA update
  • Hey Laura (moderator) ,it seems you did just had a overview on the comments but I didn't get any positive response from Nokia ,still facing the same issue they promise it in every next security patch updates,but I don't get the issue resolved,you are making me fool ,but I am not ,you are bogus, company you are working for is bogus ,never care about customers sentiments,I am at total loss.please do not delete my comments.
  • Hey biswadeep you received a android Oreo 8.1 update ,did the same update resolved your issue.
  • biswadeep biswadeep
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    Yes.... Version 2.22A update
  • I think they have given a hardware detected device ,so after the update also the issue has not been resolved,now I need to visit service center ,I was telling the customer support that what if the issue is not resolved after the update then he said they would replace it now they say replacement window is closed
  • My new to me Nokia  7 Plus woun't detect SIM in either of the slots. SD card in slot 2 is detected. SIM works fine with my Samsung A3 2017. What a disapointing experience
  • neng neng
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    I don't know how you all order nokia handsets and which stores you look for, but the first thing is always buy from the trusted centers and the second thing is you should check the phone and try insert your sim right away to see if it detects the sim card before buying it... Because my nokia phone works smoothly and there is no such problem that i face till now
    Nokia always work to deliver quality handsets and they never disappoint their fans as such !
    Still facing the issues, then explain your know-how and nokia will surely help you...

    best wishes,
  • Same problem here.... I have purchased the Nokia 7.1 from on 6th Mar 2019 and I received the defective product (Sim lot 2 is not working) on 9th Mar 2019 (Order Id 60082). After so many effort, the replacement is approved today 13th Mar 2019. But I have to wait still some relevant department contacts me for pickup and current device need to reach the ware house, there after I will get new device. 

    First I purchased the Nokia 7.1 from and received the device with Nokia seal opened. So I returned the product within one day with just one call to Amazon. Then I purchased from to get genuine product which ended up with defective one. 

    Nokia: Welcome to Nokia Chat Support, my name is Rohit. For better assistance may I know your Contact number, city and state?



    Rohit: Thank you for providing the information. How may I assist you?

    I'm having sim card slot 2 not working issue on my new Nokia 7.1. I have already requested for the replacement with all the information.

    Rohit: Ajin, as I am able to understand you want to know about return status of your Nokia 7.1. I completely understand your query and surely help you. 

    In now the status is return approved

    So when can I expect the replacement

    Rohit: Ajin, I would like to inform you that we have approved your return request from our side, so we would request you to wait for some time your device will be pick up from you soon.

    How will I know the date and time?

    And on time of pick up, Will I get the new device?

    Rohit: Kindly wait for this, our relevant department will contact you regarding pickup.

    And on time of pick up, Will I get the new device?

    Rohit: No, first your current device will send to our ware house and there after your new device will deliver to you.

    Good job man. Nokia is very good example for other online stores. Amazon and Flipkart should learn from Nokia. Thank you very much. I will make sure none of my friends will never even think about buying a Nokia mobile phone. At least not from  

    Rohit: I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Is there anything else I may assist you with?

    If you can please forward my feedback to higher officials.

    Rohit: I am taking this as your precious feedback for us and forwarding this to our relevant department they may work on it and try to make it available as soon as possible. Is there anything else I may assist you with?

    No, Thanks

  • Update... So, after 3 days of hardwork and multiple repeated calls to customer care, i have finally succeeded in getting my defective set picked up. Will have to wait for 3-4 more days to get the new set. Hope the new set works
    Hi Vikramjeet, How much days it took to deliver the new device? And is the replaced one works fine?
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