Worthy mid range phone

Things that would make a killer midrange phone would be..

1. Amoled screen with no notch (thin bezels is fine)

2. Front facing stereo speakers of good quality (dual FFS would be nice to have)

3. Big battery obviously (~4000 mah)

4. Excellent camera (atleast to the level of pixel 3a)

5. Minimum of 6gb of ram till 8/12gb

6. Minimum internal storage of 128gb till 256/512 (no sd card would be needed in such cases)

7. 700 series Snapdragon series chipset

8. Better RAM management, 3.5mm with quad dac support like LG phones & small request is to have nokia branding not at the front


  • Pure display is much good than amoled display. And battery should be higher than 4500 or 5000mAh then only it will last for 1 day or more. Currently im nokia 6.1 plus user and i have 3000 mah battery and when i use for 7-8 hours (screen time on) then it really sucks and gets switched off. 3.5 jack is already present and till now nokia haven't removed yet. RAM management is pretty good but battery optimization is not upto the mark. Camera sensors have that capability to capture stunning pics but software / Camera app really worst and most importantly slo mo feature on any nokia phone.

  • Use graphite on your screen maybe.

  • I think you should,if you can, make a dual screen mid range phone that runs android 10 or in the later years, android 11 or more.

  • chetan18
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    Nice specifications, if Nokia will consider, it will be great phone.

  • MdSadique
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    It's not necessary that the battery should be above 4500 mah or 5000mah then only it will last more than a day . Processor manufacturing size matters . If the processor used is built on <10 nm combined with even 4000mah battery + power efficient software will do the work. Also adding bigger battery makes the phone thick and heavy

  • I know but currently there is no (working) any software optimization for battery management. Nokia claims battery optimization but after android 10 update it became worse.

    Recently I got nokia 2.3 and I loved the battery performance of phone. Having 6.2 inch screen need much better battery backup and 4000mAh works awesome with it. I liked AI battery management of 2.3.

    There is no use of battery management for just 3000 or 3500mah battery capacity. It won't going to live for a whole day.

  • In upcoming 7.3 phone

    there should be following things

    1. minimum 4000 mAh battery

    2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 675

    3. 48 MP Rear Camera with support of 1080p FHD video recording at 60 Fps

    4. There must be Sony IMX Cam lense

    5. must be 2 varients 4 GB 64 GB

    & 6 GB 128 GB

    6. Lowest varient price under Rs. 20,000 & second varient max Rs. 22,000..

    7. Dedicated Sim slot (2 sim slot & 1 sd card slot)

    if this all goes well then all people of india who are currently using Chinese company phones, they all will shift to NOKIA. so please give this all feature