Oreo update

Oreo update is available (Image)

Oreo update

Oreo update is available


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    Did you get the upgrade notification after requesting the OTA from the web site or not?If yes you may share a screen shot here so that users can have a look into it,Because most of us aren't got any upgrade notification even after requesting

    if it is just for info,then here is one suggestion,before creating any discussion page you are requested to look into the current discussion pages and then if anything is missing then you can post the comment in that page it self instead of creating page ,else anyone may flag your comment even for "No Reason"

    Hope you understand well..

  • Any one tell me this ?

  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    Well a news doesn't make sense unless anyone try to request the OTA from the web site and got the Oreo Upgrade on their device

    Till Now Few users via social media and community have confirmed that after several time of request from the web page ,they doesn't get the Oreo Build and it's clear that users are on Google Security Patch 2019-10 based Android 7.1.1 Nougat

    Being My self done some test on the following builds

    • Android 7.1.1 (Google Security Patch 2019-10)
    • Android 7.1.1 (Google Security Patch 2018-09 Roll Back Build)
    • Android 8.1 Beta ( V1.15O & V 1.15P)
    • Android 7.1.1 (Google Security Patch 2019-06)

    But it's clear that none of the builds have shown any such upgrade notification after making a request from the web page,Believe or not but it's true!!!!!!

    Hope that HMD fix this issue as quick as possible and make available to everyone

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    @HMDLaura Can you please clear the confusion? Is the optional Android Oreo update for Nokia 2 available? The page doesn't have the old message saying "we are working on the solution" anymore so many of us tried requesting the OTA but haven't received it yet.

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