SIM slot 1

Which slot is SIM slot 1? The single one of the hybrid one?

SIM slot 1

Mayukh Mayukh
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Which slot is SIM slot 1? The single one of the hybrid one? Recently I've noticed that when I put my SIM card in the single slot, I'm getting a message from Vodafone to insert it in slot 1 for faster network and stuff.

I'm also facing a problem where I'm not getting mobile data at certain places where 4G and up arrow are showing but down arrow never shows and data doesn't work. I've tried using the same SIM card in other phones and they worked fine. What might be wrong?

I've done resetting my phone as well as all network settings.


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  • Sahel Ghosh Sahel Ghosh
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    Recent problem i have reported in sim slot 1 in nokiaa 8.1 device, as the sim slot 1 only locked to 4g only mode, as u can't acess 2g/3g from simslot 1 after the latest November update, while in simslot 2 u can enjoy 4g/2g/3g auto switch.

    It's a technic bug, while Vodafone sim will not work finely in simslot 1 coz vodafone also uses 2g/3g in places where there is no 4g coverage.

    So nokia needs to rectify this soon.

  • dray78 dray78
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    I don't have that problem. Maybe it's just a bug in your phone. Did you try to solve it by doing a factory reset?

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