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recently I bought one Nokia 6 smartphone.

I think to have a problem with SIM cards menu.

There's no option to switch the SIM to send messages.

I set SIM 1 to send messages when I setup the smartphone at first power on. Now I'm not able to switch to SIM 2.

User Guide says that I have to go to Settings > Wireless & networks > SIM Cards > Preferred SIM for and tap the setting I want to change and select the SIM, but on my smartphone there's only two options: Mobile data and Calls. I don't find Messages.

Did anyone else find this problem?

Did you find a workaround?

Thank you very much for your attention.




  • Click the information interface Sim card icon can be switched
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    Hi, you can simply change the SIM card in the messaging app. When you write a message, in the status bar where the "new message" text is, there is a SIM icon next to the attachment icon. Just press it and chose the wanted SIM.

  • It's OK.

    Many thanks to Stipe1906.

  • Lot of thanks to Stipe1906 for your advice.

    Check here details about WBPDS Ration Card and also check your Ration Card Application Status.