Nokia 7.2 vs Samsung A50 : Complete Darkness Photo comparison in Dark Room

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Hello Everyone,

Here i am like to share some Complete Darkness Photo comparison in Dark room without any primary or artificial light source clicked on Nokia 7.2 & Samsung A50

Note - All photo captured with same standard resolution setting, same light condition, same frame.

       All shots are taken hand held, No post processing.

Full brightness recommend to see best result

Comparison - 1

This photos click in my home in early morning when no artificial light is lighted up and so less natural light coming from outside but you can see How Nokia 7.2 produced image in such a condition and gives best image and you can see maximum part of camera where Samsung A50 is failed to do that

Comparison - 2

This sample is taken in my office while their are power cutoff and I take this photo of machine controller here you see Nokia 7.2 has produced great image with all thing visible where samsung A50 has done almost Dark

Comparison - 3

Another sample taken in office same time here you can see both device manage to produce visible image but here also Nokia 7.2 has done magic and gives image with well detail and sharpness with more bright colors and you can see everything easily.

Comparison - 4

Picture of sai Baba in dark room here Nokia 7.2 has done way better with so good image with detail , sharpness and colors with good visual.

Comparison - 5

Picture of floor cleaning cloth as you can see how Nokia 7.2 captured texture of fabric weaving in such condition with bright colors on other hand Samsung A50 struggle to do that.

Comparison - 6

Picture of MCB here Nokia 7.2 has produced almost visible image here while Samsung A50 is completely failed expect it's edge.

Comparison - 7

Picture of some random box and thing in store Here Nokia 7.2 manage to produce good bright image with text written on box in gujarati and structure of box also seen but Samsung A50 has produced complete dark image. Where we cant see anything as main subject

Comparison - 8

Picture of iron cupboard handle and lock here as you can see Nokia 7.2 able to capture all thing in visible on other hand Samsung A50 is almost fails to do that.

Comparison - 9

Picture of random thing and tools here also Nokia 7.2 has managed to produced Bright image with all thing visible on other hand Samsung A50 is only able to high light some shining part of steel and aluminum.

Comparison - 10

Last photo of comparison here natural light coming from so far in 90 meter long office when power is cutoff and this is picture of bottom spary paint as you can see Nokia 7.2 is manage to capture image so good details, sharpness and bright colors where Samsung A50 is struggling to focus on subject and its soft image as well dark also.

From all of this comparison sample i can say that Nokia 7.2 camera is performance very well in so less light or no light condition , and it's capable to give you bright image in emergency condition where their is no light if you need to do work or click something important thing 😊

How was the comparison ? Do let me know

I hope like it 👍