Would Nokia 8 gets Android 10

Would Nokia 8 gets Android 10

Would Nokia 8 gets Android 10

Would Nokia 8 gets Android 10


  • uzair ahmed uzair ahmed
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    I don't think so!!
    Because Nokia 8 had completed its 2 years update sequence....
  • Akhilesh N Akhilesh N
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    Hmd is not up to the mark in providing updates. So i am not expecting anything for nokia 8.

  • Tim_M Tim_M
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    Sadly seems to be missing from the schedule. One of the annoying things about Android is the necessity to build releases for every phone model so old models get skipped due to cost. That and it encourages people to buy a new phone. So wasteful.

    As bad as Win Phone was in some ways once you got it onto Win 10, you got all the updates direct from Microsoft and in line with mainstream core Win 10. Until they gave up on that platform.


  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    What a load of cobblers, do you realise just how many updates the Nokia 8 received in the first 2 years of its life? It isnt getting Android 10 because it is over 2 years old and HMD have fullfilled what they said they would do regardless of the phone still being capable or otherwise.


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