Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView

Since Android 10 is rolling out for the Nokia 9 PureView, I figured I'd make a discussion for any bugs/problems people have noticed with Android 10.

The bugs/problems I've noticed so far are:

*The notification icons on the glance screen always have voicemail and digital wellbeing there. However, when you wake up the phone, those notifications don't exist.

*There are occasional jitters in animations and performance has dropped. The phone is not as smooth.

*Battery life seems to have gotten worse and the phone gets warm much more often.



  • I haven't seen the problems you have noted so far. I do know that the fingerprint reader is no better and possibly even worse than before.

  • singhnsk
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    Best would be to give it a go. It is usual for some components to not work as smoothly as designed after a major upgrade. Wiping and starting fresh does help with nost of the performance drops after an update :)

  • Social media doesn't work on 4G

  • Keith
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    When I select Call Forwarding (voice) it takes several attempts to work.

  • colt willcox
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    DualShock 4 does not work with RemotePlay app, even though it especially should work after Android 10 update!

    Remote Play

    For those who want to stream select PS4 games on mobile devices, Remote Play can now be used on smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher. Just download the PS4 Remote Play App from the Google Play store to use the feature.

    Also, players will be able to use their DualShock 4 wireless controllers via Bluetooth for Remote Play on an Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All you need to do is update to Android 10, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or macOS Catalina (releasing in October) to use this feature.


    "You can't use DUALSHOCK 4 in PS4 Remote Play because this device doesn't support DUALSHOCK 4"
  • Yeah, the fingerprint reader did get worse. I deleted my fingerprint data and set it back up. Strange, I could barely get it to detect my finger when trying to set up the fingerprint. I had to press horribly hard and long for it. However, to unlock the phone it seems to work better than ever now. Not sure what's going on there.

  • What I've noticed: battary gets too warm when charging. Especially when the hotspot is turned on.

    Sometimes notification sounds and vibration did not work.

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    Always a voicemail notification on lock screen... No way to remove it. Seems to be the only issue so far.

    Actually the problem is on glanve view only. It displays notification icons for all arrived notifications, even when you have cleared them out.
  • Riona
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    No mobile internet at all at nokia 9 same problem on nokia 8.1

    Its an android 10 bug

  • Read the forums on Android 10 there are a lot of Pixelphones with the same problems too. My wife Nokia 8.1 and I Nokia 9 running on Android 10 have no mobile internet

  • Guys anybody upload android 10 on nokia 9 video.

  • Keith
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    Voice calls - sound breaking up. ☹️

  • General slowness. Everything is jittery.

    Just a great big URGH with everything.

  • Aaand another one... When charging wirelessly, phone needs to be woken up twice. When only removed from the charging pad, all I get is the lock screen with the fingerprint icon and that's it. Can't open the phone, doesn't show time or notifications. Two presses of the power button and then life goes on. This also happens when the screen is woken up by a notification. Needs two presses of the power power button in order to even see what the notification was. Super frustrating small issues...

  • My phone just had a notification that the battery was too hot and I should stop charging. I've not had it plugged in for over an hour now. 🙄

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    Hello fellow Nokia 9 users!

    Just got the update today (Germany). I've almost started ripping my hair out until I found this discussion and realised I'm not alone... (sigh) I have to say I've been incredibly understanding and supportive - I know HMD are not Samsung, hence don't have their resources (in terms of software development, testing, QA, etc.), but still - some of the things I've seen arriving with the Nokia 9 updates up until now are simply shocking!

    Apologies for the rant, back to the Android 10 update:

    The good stuff:

    • Glance notifications (mostly weather related) get refreshed (yay!!) - a few months ago they all just died and would not change, unless I would restart the phone, which meant I had to accept the fact it was always 10 C, for example
    • The dark theme seems to be consistent and doesn't look that bad
    • The Gmail app seems to be somewhat more responsive (yes, I'm one of those people still using e-mail ;-) )
    • I haven't observed either slowness or stutter, to be honest
    • Battery life doesn't look too different, yet it's been only a few hours
    • Face unlock seems to have got quicker

    The bad stuff:

    • Ghost icons on the Glance screen (I HATE THESE!!!) - there was a funny circle with a thin ring inside, which disappeared after the second restart post the update, but the voicemail icon is seriously driving me crazy!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE VOICEMAIL ENABLED ON THE CARRIER SIDE!!! The Glance screen is (personal opinion) probably the worst/buggiest always-on implementation I've seen on Android!!!!! UPDATE: I've noticed it's not anything related to the voice mailbox, but the 'Phone' app itself. Got a missed call earlier, now I've got a missed call ghost icon on the Glance screen...
    • The fingerprint reader is as bad as before, if not even slightly worse - I've given up on it months ago anyway and I've got no hopes it will ever function normally
    • Ghost apps - things left over from Android 9?!? E.g. I've got a link to something called 'android.app.carrierconfig.atl.mccmnc26202' and, when I click on it, it asks me if I want to uninstall it (I think it's actually the standard app properties screen)
    • Locked notification settings (guess where, the Phone APP!!!) - I can't change the notifications AT ALL!!
    • All the way to the bottom of 'Notifications', under 'Advanced', many apps show 'X categories deleted' (X varies - sometimes it's 2, sometimes 7, etc.)

    I've just noticed that while writing post (15 minutes on my laptop) and periodically checking something on the phone, the battery's dropped 4 percent points - not good!!!

    I had high hopes for this update. I'm really sad to say, but the Nokia 9 might be last Nokia phone I'll ever buy :'-(

  • I've noticed that Trusted Locations under Smart Lock is intermittent now. Sometimes it works when I sweep up on the lock screen and other times it presents me with the numeric pad to enter a password or the fingerprint icon. I haven't seen a pattern yet so I'm still gathering data.

    On the fingerprint reader, yes, it is virtually useless for me. It is the one single thing about this phone that will keep me from ever buying another model similar to this one with an under the display reader unless I read enough user reviews to show stable performance. I should not have to either dry or moisten my fingers every single time I need to unlock my phone. In some cases, even doing that never works and I just have to enter the PIN. Over the weekend I dug out my old Nexus 6p where my fingerprint was recorded in Nov. 2015 and it still unlocked the phone in a second or less. That is the level of expectations that I came from. I am willing to accept a slightly slower response but I don't accept where I get on successful read out of every 15-20 attempts.

  • After i disabled glance view (anyway useless as the notifications are not dismissed) i now have almost 2 days of battery life. All other bugs are present as others described .... Shame on you Nokia.

  • What is happening at HMD, in terms of software, is really getting pathetic

  • Micah Fitzkee
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    Add me as a Pureview 9 user with Android 10 and a whole host of strange problems.

    Disabled glance view because of the random phantom notifications.

    Disabled Google Voice Assistant because it was preventing the NEW feature Ambient Display from displaying anything whilst charging...

    Gave up on Fingerprint Reader long ago. Have not used the camera too much since the update but if it is more buggy than Android 9 I sorely wish I had waited to update...
  • Bluetooth is also false.

    It can find other bluetooth devises an get connection but fall down immediately.

  • I am now getting the random display of voicemail on my glance screen.


  • One more feature after Android 10 update. The phone now randomly reboots when I'm using it. The screen suddenly freezes for maybe 20 seconds amd then the phone reboots. Most useful in the middle of a phone call for example. Talking of which, many whom I have talked with have said that my voice comes broken in the call. This is just stupid; I' m going to ask for a refund from my carrier and swap to another phone.

  • Seems strange - Bluetooth working perfectly, both Garmin 5X and Sennheiser earbuds connnected and remain connected. New 'silent' notification appeared after pairing headset, Qualcomm aptX.

    Fingerprint reader same - humidity here is >80%. Works first time with security apps and for device unlock.

    Overall initial impression much snappier and refreshed interface.

  • erkers
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    One more of the same.

    In France - upgraded to Android 10 today.

    After initial update and reboot:
    * Battery drained faster than it could be charged (wireless Qi)
    * Battery too hot warning

    All other things seemed fine for the short time the battery lasted - sms, data conenction etc.

    Factory reset.
    * Voicemail icon in Glance screen
    * Star-shaped icon I do not recognize - also in Glance.
    * Fingerprint reader seems to work better now - although it's gone from absolutely useless to just plain useless.

    No real notifications present...

    So yeah - be wise and stay away from Android 10 for now.

  • Tomasz ExFiddling
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    Amazingly, android 10 healed my fingerprint scanner which. he died after the April update. I mean, it reappeared, because it completely disappeared for a few months, and I was already planning to send the phone back to the service, suspecting a hardware problem. However, as it turned out, the problem was the April update. Unfortunately, it works equally tragically, as in the beginning. It was possible to register 3 times the same fingerprint, but none passes verification, i.e. does not unlock the phone.Battery indeed seems to drain faster, then before

    Updated.Fingerprint scanner appeard for 2 hours.Now again died.

    I noticed one correction in the camera app. In pro mode after setting the manual parameters like iso and time, the application remembers them and does not return to Auto itself, which previously did almost after every refocusing.

  • After Android 10 update, the phone became jettery and slow at times. The software experience was so fluid and fast prior to the update. Didn't see an issue yet with battery drain. Fingerprint scanner became worse with this update.