I can't pull down notification bar

How to fix it


  • have you tried to reboot your device???
  • Yes. Still not working :(
  • A factory reset???
  • A factory reset??
  • it's not working
  • i did every thing
  • EAS
    EAS ✭✭
    Yesterday i switched to another user and then i faced the same problem that i i couldnt oull down the notification bar.. when i switched back to my main user the red border around the battery icon when in battery saver mode didnt show..rebooting fixed it. But its so annoying seeing these bugs in the interface every now and then.
  • I guess there are lot of touch issues with this mobile. My touch automatically functions sometimes also I cannot slide down the notification bar. Pathetic service. I also have yellow patch on screen, Anyone else facing this
  • Hey guys! I faced the same problem. I think it is update's bugs. Probably we should waiting for the next updates.
  • [{"insert":"Hey i faced also same problem....but why it's happened only for some users...how can i fix this problem.. please someone help me\n"}]
  • i also facing same prblem

  • I had same issue since 3 months service center guy told me to change touch it cost 1200

    I haven't done that 3 days back my phone was in charging and it fall on floor mat

    And that issue gone now it's working perfectly all touch working fine is it miracle?

  • The phone freezes like for a minute or two... When deleting huge files like 2gb or so... Done factory reset... Still problem persists..

    The same goes for clearing cache as well... Even for like 200mb cache file deleting... It takes couple of minutes

    Any solution?

  • I'm trying to set up my Nokia c21 and cannot get the icons along the bottom. Help pleas