Fitbit Versa 2

Hello, i have the Nokia 7.2 and i want to buy the Fitbit Versa 2. Unfortunately Nokia phones are not compatible but it could work anyway. Has anybody experience with Nokia7.2/Versa 2?



  • I don't have the versa 2 but the first versa with my 7.2 and these two working perfect seamless together.

  • Ok, that sounds good. I hope the Versa2 will work too.

  • Now i have the Versa2 and it works fine with the Nokia7.2, too

  • I have the versa2& nokia 7.2 as well but i cannot receive messages or incoming calls on my versa2, is this normal? + Strava wont connect. The app works.

  • i have a versa 2 to get notifications do the following. open the fitbit app on phone.>>>tap your profile pic in upper left>>>tap the versa 2 in the devices section>>scroll to notifications and tap on it>>>tap on App Notifications>>>select the apps you want to receive alerts for