[Moved] Nokia 6.1+ Android 10 update errors

Error in clear all applications. Vibration not proper.

[Moved] Nokia 6.1+ Android 10 update errors

user1538933196483 user1538933196483
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Error in clear all applications.

Vibration not proper.


  • ganesam ganesam
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    Vibration working for whatsapp calls and alarms but not working for regular calls

  • Vijay4 Vijay4
    ✭✭  /  edited January 2020

    Face lock is removed in new update android 10

  • Vijay4 Vijay4
    ✭✭  /  edited January 2020

    We want vibration for outgoing call is answered in nokia 6.1 plus

  • Stock camera quality became worst after android 10 update

  • When using wireless headphones there was a lot of audio noise comes with sound after android 10 while playing games or watvhing videos even when using original headphones which is given with mobile

  • kevin vasoya kevin vasoya
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    **** Idiots Nokia not optimized Android 10 not working All applications Not working Camera Function Idiots Very poor

  • Frank Hartog Frank Hartog
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    Just upgraded my dutch nokia 6.2 to android 10. Now Wifi won't connect anymore.

  • user1542433333308 user1542433333308
    ✭✭  /  edited January 2020

    The finger print sensor doesnt work properly when the display is off, after i upgraded my 6.1 plus into android 10.. but when i press the power button once and keep the finger on the f.sensor, it works quiet well..why is this? Plzz fix this with an update

  • ramy adel ramy adel
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    Hello all developers Android 10 i have nokia 6.1 2018 device i will tell how many features i had lost when i upgrade my phone from Android pie to q

    1- low and bad audio quality

    2- battery is empty so fast

    3- face and voice unlock disappeared

    4- time on display or glance screen had replaced to always on display screen and i think as you are adevolpers need to make Android save battery

    5- data cellular always on when phone is restart

    6- adapter light sensor didn't work correctly

    7 - contacts search from phone and history call didn't work

    8 - finger print didn't work correctly always open my phone by maze or pin

    9- the icons shape customize like make the icons cylinder or square disappeared

    10 - in general the device is being slowy

    and that all didn't happen before or when Android pie or oreo installed

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