MWC2020 hype / speculation thread

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Hi all,

MWC2020 will start in just over one month's time and HMD is expected to launch several new phones of various kinds and at various prices.

I think the thing that most people are expecting to see is the new 8 series, probably called 8.2 and maybe with 5G support.

Also, 2019 didn't see a new 5-series at all, so maybe we'll see a 5.2 being launched?

Another Original phone, probably running KaiOS, has also been implied by @Juho.

Probably a new "feature" phone too.

What else do you think we might see?

Cheers πŸ™‚


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    Hi @singhnsk,

    Hmmmm, interesting ideas. A change in naming scheme? Maybe, but I think that HMD think the current one still works, except for when it doesn't! I presume that the C1 was a better name than the Nokia 0.5, or the 1 minus! πŸ˜‹

    An Original which runs Android? This is certainly more likely than an Original which runs SailfishOS, but we'll probably still get another KaiOS phone which is identical hardware in a different body. However the the 2720 and 800 are usefully different bodies from the banana phone, so which new form factor should we expect? QWERTY like an Asha? πŸ€”

    Wearables? Really? I think I might change channel at that point in the announcements, I'm afraid wearables make me yawn, especially WearOS ones which run a bloated OS for things which don't even really need one. But a beige WearOS wrist-mounted blob? That could actually be quite stylish! πŸ˜†

    Unfortunately I think that services will not be consumer focussed, except for maybe some more ways of trying to sell us things through the My Phone app. HMD will not provide its own apps because it's beholden to Google and HMD's job is to sell the Google platform and services, not other ones. Maybe HMD will provide services to corporates, or "enterprises", but I think that the services are mainly for their customers who run retail and network operator businesses, so these are services that we will never see as consumers. Still, HMD might make some announcements about this.

    I think we'll see some more accessories. Last year we saw wireless charging stations, fixed and portable. This year we will probably see more of these, plus more headsets. Anything else you can think of?

    Cheers πŸ™‚

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    @madbilly Actually, the only reason why I speculate "Nokia Apps" and a custom environment is because of the survey they did put up on the forums a few months back. To me, the survey sounded like a place to check if their "Pure, Secure and up to date" platform is enough reason for people to buy their phones. The remainder of the survey only revolved around getting an answer to this primary question. And if I think my way, then I'd only ask such a question when there is an "if" or doubt in my mind.. Are consumers really liking our offering? Do they like Android One? Oh, I am not sure. We need to ask them.

    The survey targeted India and at the same time, right there in India, nearly 100% of competition has switched to offering a bloated software with paid apps placements, addons and "ads". They are then able to sell their phones for cheaper because there's a big revenue potential after sale as the device will continue to earn them ad revenue for years. That's Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo and Vivo. What's left? Huawei and there are reports already that Huawei is planning to included ads in EMUI. Given the price conscious Indian consumers, it is easy to estimate that HMD cannot sell enough phones at a higher price if most of the competition easily undercuts them. The solution would be to join them - just like the 48 megapixels. We briefly saw several Nokia phones installing some 3rd party apps automatically on a factory reset. My Nokia 2.2 did the same too. So, I guess that's the start.

    ^^^ Pure speculation! I could be 100% wrong on this πŸ™Š

    I still want a Nokia smartwatch please πŸ˜›. I know they aren't very useful and I do not ask for fancy features. I'd appreciate something similar to my Amazfit (that is being health focused instead of being productivity focused). Calling support or headphone support is not needed. Just let me track sleep, give me an easily accessible stopwatch, measure my cycling and running, check the heart-rate and alert me with a short vibration whenever I have not moved for a while. I tend to sit in front of the computers for way too long and watch is my only good solution to remind myself that I need to take a short break.

    I'd want audio accessories from HMD only if they can work with JBL or Monster again and get their sound experiences in our hands. HMD hasn't invested into this area and I do not want them to just pick up a product from a random ODM, slap a brand name and sell it over. The true-wireless ones were such a thing if I remember correctly. But sure, if they can find a really nice ODM which is experienced in audio products, that can still be a good product.

    I want HMD to carefully think about what they launch and make it a practically useful product, not just a fancy one. I recently purchased their 4-port wall charger. A really good offering, but they killed it with only a max of 20W of output (all 4 ports combined). And a max of 10W when a single port is used. So, what it actually became is a fancy charger which can theoretically charge 4 devices at a time, but I do not even charge 1 because it can't fast charge 1 phone.

    Whatever they launch, all I want is... Make less, but think of practicality of whatever you make. Make one phone, but make it good. No need to launch 3 phones. Your 1 good phone will get you more revenues than 3 ok-ish phones will ever bring.

  • I expect the Nokia 8.2 5G, 5.2/3, 1.3 and a rebirth. These are just device announcements. I would love to see a new naming scheme starting from this year/decade. It is the best time to bring in a new naming scheme.

    I agree with @singhnsk. Just remaking old devices and launching them as feature phones is not good anymore. Was good only till the Nokia 3310 IMHO. All remakes should come in a meaningful way. I personally don't like Kai OS much. It is so slow and comes with animations which make the device look slow and are also not needed. Even Nokia's old S40 feels more advanced compared to KaiOS. A new Flip remake should be like the Moto Razr and the communicator remake should be like the Samsung Fold.

    Coming to Nokia N95, I am still trying to think of practical uses of a two way slider in current age as we don't need a physical keyboard anymore. IT SHOULD BE A SMARTPHONE if they plan to launch it. Music keys in the bottom slider and front camera at the top OR Bigger Speaker at the bottom and cameras at the top OR a secondary display at the bottom slider which can be used to check and interact with notifications. Share your ideas too.

    I would love to see more accessories such as colourful Powerbanks, Headsets, Treasure Tag (@singhnsk is looking for it πŸ˜„), speakers, etc. How about some accessories that shout Nokia. HMD Global is good at designing their smartphones but when it comes to accessories they don't appear to be fun and look more formal. Nokia Blue accents on chargers, cables, etc would be a very nice touch over the plain black wires which don't help to differentiate.

    I am also hoping for the announcement of a Custom UI or something similar which I am assume that HMD might be making based on the survey conducted in India.

    Feature Phones

    They need to refresh their feature phone line up. It is getting old and doesn't look lively at all. A complete revamp of features phones is much needed. At least 3G should be supported by their entire lineup and all phones above Nokia 150 shoul support 4G. New colours are needed to make the phones look different and attractive.

    Low priced touch screen feature phones like the Nokia Asha 230 (was priced under Rs.3000/- INR at launch) should be launched running on KaiOS. This will give them a very good push. ASHA is with HMD and it is time to revive it.

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    Hi @singhnsk and @Kartik Gada !

    Ah yes, that survey... I don't remember the questions, but I remember saying very clearly that beige Android was not interesting and asking for something that felt like Nokia.

    Were either of you two involved in that Focus group that HMD India did in Delhi (?), or can't you say πŸ˜‰

    You make a pretty good case for a smartwatch... it may be quite fun to have one for those things. My old-tech non-smart watch is working just fine though so I don't think I'll replace it until it breaks. If you like to tinker you could get a PineTime and see what you can make it do:

    Would audio accessories that are just rebranded JBL or Monster ones be any different than just buying them direct from JBL/Monster? Those aren't really the kind of accessories that interest me. HMD should focus on accessories that complement their phones and offer something new which we can't get elsewhere in the aftermarket. Nokia-blue colour-schemes is a nice idea though.

    I think the next Original we see will be a portrait QWERTY phone, maybe using the Asha brand, but it will probably use KaiOS.... unless this GAFP turns out to be something interesting. I agree that any N-series rebirth must be a proper smartphone, not KaiOS or "smart-feature" phone. An XpressMusic phone would be cool though, and probably get more interest than any other Original could.

    We can hope πŸ˜‰

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  • MdSadique
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    Well i am excited about the Nokia 9.2 pureview which is expected to arrive this year with Snapdragon 865 and leaks suggest nokia will ditch the use of light technology and will feature a more versatile camera setup and a bezel less design . Plus nokia 9.2 pureview is expected to follow the Nokia 8's pricing strategy which means it will be a flagship killer .

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    @madbilly On that beige thing, somebody whose cousin apparently works at HMD India said that:

    There were voices in Indian team about customizing the Android offering. It reached some level and then "VP" said a big no to it. Plus, he also said HMD was more focused on delivering certain services to the operators (related to VoWiFi and stuff) instead of the phones to consumers.

    Not sure of the accuracy, but maybe some of it is. We have tried a lot to get the voice about Android One across, it is to be seen if HMD will continue to act like how governemnts all over the globe do, or will they open their eyes and really start doing their business with love instead of just work. Unless the core team loves what they do, we will continue to see uninteresting products which do not define what Nokia is/was.

    My idea of audio accessories is a collaboration based because the end product will be better than a rebranded one picked from a random OEM. Moreover, it gives a trust factor. I did not mean doing a full rebrand, instead working together to make that new product better. For example the JBL audio in the Nokia TV. Not sure how big of a difference it makes, but I will trust the sound output more when that's used in marketing.

    Coming back to the speculation, maybe we will see 2 originals this time around. One which @juho (somebody hack his account and enable email notifications when tagged, please πŸ™Š) was supposed to announce around the Lunar New Year but had to be postponed due to the Corona Virus (I wish we get control on it soon). And another that was actually planned for the MWC 2020.

    I'll also await GAFP. Maybe that will mean a end of KaiOS and that will likely be for the better since Kai is too barebones to be a smarter OS and fit the price point which Nokia originals series targets.

  • madbilly
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    Hi @singhnsk,

    Interesting insider info thanks πŸ˜‰ it fits with what I think those job advertisements were for - not services for consumers, but services for network operators.

    I suppose your idea for audio accessories is not much different from how HMD partner with ZEISS on the phone cameras, so it makes sense.

    I would hack that account if I knew how 🀣

    I didn't realise that there are supposed to be two new Originals phones or that one was delayed announcement due to LNY. But HMD aren't really pushing China/HK/Taiwan atm, so why would Coronavirus delay it?

    As for GAFP... maybe it will get some market share, but it will never be more performant on low-end hardware than KaiOS if it continues to be based on Java, unless they replace the Linux kernel with something else (e.g. Fuschia?). However, if may give KaiOS a kick and get them to come up with a successor OS which has a modern web-engine and can actually run PWAs etc, now that would be suitable for high-end originals phones and touch-screen smartphones in general. But we won't see that at MWC this year.

    Let's stay optimistic and hope that at MWC this year HMD announce an Android phone that feels like a Nokia in use, not only with the screen off πŸ˜‰

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  • maybe a promise to fix their current lineup with proper software updates?

  • Nope. This is not going to happen. They would have already provided better sw support if they had to. Don't expect much for older devices now. :)