Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



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    To add to the ghost icons on glance screen problem , I have disabled roaming and mobile data and I was still had data access as usual. I received notifications was able to browse etc. I probably should have used a fake APN.. I ended up using all my data allowance due to this. :(

  • I am using nokia 9 at Android 10 update

    Here's whay i am experiencing

    Battery life is good np problem with that

    Minor frame drops while navigating through app drawer but not that much of a issue

    Ghost notifications at glance screen.

    Camera app- images are coming out great. But camera app is not well optimized, while processing the image phone runs very laggy.

    Lightroom is not showing up at photos app in edit in option, even at raw images, ( if anyone have fox then please let me know)

  • Forgot to mention i am not having issue with fingerprint scanner.. it os working good. Note that i am not using any screen protector

  • Another bug I noticed. While listening music with Bluetooth headphones I can't get trough the gates in the underground. Even if I turn off the Bluetooth. I have to reboot the phone in order to work. Yes I tried this for too many times to know it happens. Sadly it's unpredictable if it works or not. Most of the times it's alright but when it stucks it needs reboot. Yesterday I tried it at 6 gates - it wasn't working until I rebooted the phone. That's very annoying, especially if you're in a hurry to catch a train. You just sit on the side, waiting for the phone to boot so you can get trough the gates.

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    Sounds like an issue with the headphones what Bluetooth version are they?

  • The original earbuds of Nokia. The one's that they give to the lucky first buyers of Nokia 9. Unfortunately it does the same thing with my Sennheiser ones.

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    Is this the only issue Bluetooth? Is the issue only on a train station how does it work at home?

  • I don't know really because the Bluetooth is on for the headphones and to enter the gates in the transport system you use Google Pay and that means the NFC. I really have no idea why it happens. But I had enough time since 5.dec till now to notice that it happens mostly when earbuds are connected and listening to music. It happens even without Bluetooth on but maybe 2-3 times. With earbuds connected it refuses to work properly. Like every 5 touches one is not working.

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    January security update? Fix for ghost notifications, camera and ram management? This way i can also promise Android 10 for everything:

    Step 1: deploy

    Step 2: maybe we check 2 minutes for bugs. But probably we won't.

  • same occured on my previous nokia 8 within 1year and i thought may be nokia 8 problem then i upgraded to nokia 9 same issue after the update unlock screen and pull down dock is too slower.charge drains quickly camera is slower than before.not the nokia i expected.

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    The voice commands on navigation and Google Assistant seemed to have been fixed with a Google update that came through 18/01/2020.

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    Yes I can concur, I have zero issues on Android 10 with that Google fix of the maps voice directions.

  • my nokia 9 restarted automatically and the lag issue is no more thank you nokia .

  • Was walking by Tower Bridge last night with my partner and asked a passerby to take a photo of us.

    "I'm sorry your camera keeps freezing."

    URGH. Couldn't even ask someone to take a photo with my camera. So embarassing and USELESS.

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    Have you done a factory reset after the update to 10?

  • Did this during the first few weeks and it helped for all of half a day. The phone is just really clunky and slow for me now. My new job has given me an iPhone 6s. Works with no issues at all. I'm gonna get the cheap iPhone SE2 / 9 when it comes out in March.

  • Here's what my experience has been since the update. Some similarities but I haven't seen a couple things listed:

    1. Glance screen icons not being up to date... Please for the love of God. Fix this.
    2. Double tap to wake isn't as consistent as it was. Sometimes it won't even wake the device.
    3. When streaming audio of Bluetooth, it will quieten down the volume and then I have to turn it up on the external speaker. Android 9 on the Pureview never had this problem.
    4. An hour or few after a reboot, I'll get terrible phone performance overall. UI is greatly affected by this. It does clear after a reboot but I'll have to reboot a few times a day to keep it running smooth
    5. Camera performance is so much worse and now commonly unresponsive.

    It seems that all of these issues go against what Nokia promises by using Android One. Please do something about this. Let us know you're at least working on fixes or something, Nokia

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    Not seeing these issue on my 9. Did you perform a factory reset? Did you side load any apps. I did a reset and am using alternate launcher lawnchair2 and the ui is buttery smooth no issues. I reboot the phone every 1-2 days.

    Try the reset.

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    Honestly not seeing any of these issues. Must be the combo of apps you are using. Did you side load any apps? Does it do this if you boot into safe mode for a couple of hrs.? If many phones don't have issues then it's a combo of the data and apps in use. Do you reboot your phone every day or 2? What apps are you using the most on a daily period? How many photos do you take daily? Are you playing graphic intensive games ?

  • I use my phone for WhatsApp, outlook, Edge, pokemon go, Fitbit. Those are my main ones. I don't take photos anymore because this phone is just too slow and awkward to use. I should not need to reboot my phone every few days.

    Never side loaded apps on to the device apart from a camera one but even that I don't use.

    The phone is just a very frustrating device to use at the moment so the less time using it the better.

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    Have you looked at the memory used when you say the device is slow? Have you tried a different launcher?

    Any device needs rebooted period, software is never 100 and when a phone allows millions of different apps to run on it no one can plan 100 to make it foolproof.

  • On top of all the issues earlier posted the issues are actually worsening even since the update made everything worse.

    Even more battery drain, more heat - to the point where the top half is uncomfortable to hold and the bottom half is unusually warm.

    Lock screen barely works because of lag. Notification centre hangs and lags more than anything I have ever used (aside from camera on this phone) . Makes notification managing, basic usage, and quick toggles a nightmare.

    And the camera! It hangs each and every time. Also crashes. When it does take a photo it takes well over a minute for it to be processed in photos (timed it with friends).

    This thing is totally unusable as a daily driver now unless you're a masochist.

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    Please do a factory reset without restore as many have not had any of these issues.

    Here is past 3 days phone does not heat up at all. Only hit about 100F at hottest.

    You have some rogue processes or apps running and a factory reset sounds like best option

  • Thanks for trying to help. A hard reset without restore has not fixed the problem.

    Also you can pretty much guarantee that most 9 PureView users are power users or Nokia die hards. We know about background processes etc.

    It doesn't change the fact the build that has d been pushed out is very unstable. Judging by how niche this device is and how many people have come to this forum to comment on this it seems widespread.

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    Have you done a reset ? You didn't mention that before. The same hardware and software can't behave so radically different,. What firmware do you have, doubt their is many different versions out in the wild.

    What process and memory is running when your phone heats up. Can you post a chart gsam battery monitor is a good app to show graphs of battery cell strength CPU etc.

  • I did that but still have to do a restart each day as the phone slows down and jitters still

  • A few weeks after my last post and here I am again. No real improvements. I've been forced to follow the example set by Lubos and now at least I don't have to worry about the phone running out of juice during a day of slightly heavier use. I didn't disable the Glance screen completely, but it's not set to 'Always on' anymore. Given the fact that my phone is in one of my pockets most of the time (and should be, presumably, shutting the screen off), it's just pure insanity how it manages to consume this much power. But yes, I stand behind what I've already stated before - the Glance screen is one of the uttermost pieces of software crap I've encountered in a looong time. Such a shame...

    By the way, a quick message to all of you with the factory reset ideas: What's wrong with you people? Watching 'The IT Crowd' a bit too much? Or perhaps, if you're old enough to even know this, you're feeling nostalgic and missing Win95? (personally, I was on a three week reinstall cycle...) A factory reset can definitely help, but only sometimes!! And not in this case, simply because we're discussing a poorly stitched together clown version of Frankenstein's monster and, no matter how many times you zap it, you won't see it turn into a swan, beautiful prince(ss) or whatever your thing is.

    I do apologise for the rant, but I feel (and I believe many of you too) screwed over. As Weagle has mentioned, what happened to the promise of Android One?!? For crying out loud, my son's beginning-of-2018 Sony XZ2 Compact got Android 10 a few weeks after my Nokia 9 and guess what? It's rock solid, doesn't crash, works as well as before, etc. etc. etc. And should we contemplate on the fact that the current flagships of the (according to many) sinking Sony got it before my marvellous Android One based HMD product?

    Is anybody by any chance interested in a pre-ordered Nokia 9? 😂 Just a couple of very light scuffs on the back and one close-to-invisible on the display 😁 Kidding - I'll probably just frame it and put it on the wall to remind me never to buy a Nokia phone ever again.

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    Glance is part of Android OS, you don't have to use it if it is causing an issue. It really does not provide much value. Android one does not guarantee that you will get the latest Android os by a certain date. Its like anything else do you want quick, quality , or low cost? Can't have all the above at once. Getting a new os on an older phone is a benefit and a little patience goes a long way. Personally the Nokia 9 is a great built phone at a great price with a unique tool 5 camera system. Its running android one, so along with that comes the standard os bugs till they are worked out. The version I am running on the Nokia 9 has been very good and stable with no issues, so relax and be patient and enjoy your phone.

  • I didn't want to, but I just can't help myself, LOL!!! Which company are you working for - HMD or Google? I dare say I've got a good idea of how mobile things operate nowadays and you don't need to defend the phone or the company behind it. As it happens, I used to be very close (professionally) to Nokia (the company, not the brand). And I know how things happened. Now, if this has been carried over to the new company (same Nokia mobile people -> HMD?) - I don't know. The matter of fact is that:

    1. The Nokia 9 Pureview is not exactly a cheap device (at least wasn't when it was released)
    2. I have not asked for quick updates, I want quality. Full stop. What's the point of having a crappy major update early if it turns your phone into a brick (exaggerated, but not entirely untrue)?
    3. The Glance screen has been apparently packed in as part of the OS, but that's not the Android-native Ambient display (it seems so, at least). It is a big deal to me.
    4. It's not Android 10, it's Android 10 on the Nokia 9 Pureview that's the issue. Some days works flawlessly, other days needs multiple restarts to survive the day. And it's not the hardware (my only complaint here is the fingerprint reader) - it's the software and that's what drives me crazy! Because it can be fixed...
    5. I can easily fall into the category of Nokia die-hard fans. As I've stated a few pages ago, I've been using a N9 until I switched to the Nokia 9 (no, it wasn't intentional and I haven't been waiting for this phone specifically...) I got my wife the Nokia 8 and she hasn't had a single issue with it. Neither did I with the Nokia 9 (despite the bugs) until the 10 update.

    So no, I can't relax and enjoy my phone, because it doesn't do what I've bought it to do. I don't care what OS build I'm running. I don't even give a damn if I'm using Android 9, 10, 20 or 100000 - it's all the same rubbish.

    Yes, I can flash it, tweak it and make it do what I what it to do, but that's not the point! The point is that this is not how a company's reputation is built. And when you buy something that's not dirt cheap, you expect it to perform and do its job - at least until its warranty runs out. And it's the normal people, not us geeks who count. And I want to be an ordinary user and as such, I should not even know what flashing a phone means.

    Over and out.