Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



  • I didn't want to, but I just can't help myself, LOL!!! Which company are you working for - HMD or Google? I dare say I've got a good idea of how mobile things operate nowadays and you don't need to defend the phone or the company behind it. As it happens, I used to be very close (professionally) to Nokia (the company, not the brand). And I know how things happened. Now, if this has been carried over to the new company (same Nokia mobile people -> HMD?) - I don't know. The matter of fact is that:

    1. The Nokia 9 Pureview is not exactly a cheap device (at least wasn't when it was released)
    2. I have not asked for quick updates, I want quality. Full stop. What's the point of having a crappy major update early if it turns your phone into a brick (exaggerated, but not entirely untrue)?
    3. The Glance screen has been apparently packed in as part of the OS, but that's not the Android-native Ambient display (it seems so, at least). It is a big deal to me.
    4. It's not Android 10, it's Android 10 on the Nokia 9 Pureview that's the issue. Some days works flawlessly, other days needs multiple restarts to survive the day. And it's not the hardware (my only complaint here is the fingerprint reader) - it's the software and that's what drives me crazy! Because it can be fixed...
    5. I can easily fall into the category of Nokia die-hard fans. As I've stated a few pages ago, I've been using a N9 until I switched to the Nokia 9 (no, it wasn't intentional and I haven't been waiting for this phone specifically...) I got my wife the Nokia 8 and she hasn't had a single issue with it. Neither did I with the Nokia 9 (despite the bugs) until the 10 update.

    So no, I can't relax and enjoy my phone, because it doesn't do what I've bought it to do. I don't care what OS build I'm running. I don't even give a damn if I'm using Android 9, 10, 20 or 100000 - it's all the same rubbish.

    Yes, I can flash it, tweak it and make it do what I what it to do, but that's not the point! The point is that this is not how a company's reputation is built. And when you buy something that's not dirt cheap, you expect it to perform and do its job - at least until its warranty runs out. And it's the normal people, not us geeks who count. And I want to be an ordinary user and as such, I should not even know what flashing a phone means.

    Over and out.

  • I have problem with my Bluetooth hands free on car. When N9PV is connected via Bluetooth to hands free set the calls are answering automatically.

    In setting there is no setting to off call auto answering.

  • I had the BAD IDEA of upgrade my Nokia 9 to Android 10. Everything works worse. Figerprint, performance, ghots notifications, multitasking. No matter how many times i restart it.

    But there is ONE THING that, when used, makes the phone unusable: The Nokia Camera. If i use it, i have to restart the phone.

    All of this start to happen ONLY after the upgrade. So, which was the star on this Nokia 9? Ahh yes, the Camera.... Good job!

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    Sounds like you should backup data and do a factory reset.

  • Nope, already did it, Nokia support personnel ask me to factory reset. That and clear app preferences. Also boot on safe mode. They came to this: "it´s and software error which should be fixed with updates soon."

    And i understand, factory reset is recommended. But is wrong. This shouldn't be this way

  • Epic mic drop!

    Reading your posts I am just sat here nodding and agreeing.

    I don't use my phone as much these days because it just causes too much stress. Not even a year old and I'm wanting to change it. Never has a phone dropped in my views so quickly.

  • I noticed similarly to some other users that my current nokia 9 pureview becomes slow / sluggish on the unlock screen and the android menus. At the same time installed apps start and run with normal speed. It's just that slide from top menu and settings which slides like the CPU is capped to 3%. I can literally see each of the stages of the slide down menu as a static picture.

    The workaround is to simply reboot the phone. But I hate to reboot my phone just because of this. My other Google pixel also running Android 10 doesn't have this issue.

  • I was on the 1.12.2019 security update until yesterday, when I updated to the latest 1.1.2020. SO right right now it's 00WW_5_13D_SP02

    It hasn't reappeared yet, but it usually take few days after a restart to become slow again.

  • Does anyone have the bug that when calling someone and they answer the call then my Nokia 9 phone vibrates? Really annoying bug that I wish would be fixed ASAP.

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    As you can read from here. Some fixes for problems are solved. Jan 2020 patch fixed the ghost notification on glance screen. But I'd noted that the glance is the problem for that battery drain. If it stays on it's uses the battery like the screen is allways on. And that's the oled screen idea. Save currency waking pixels separately. It seems android update wakes the hole screen if there is anything on screen. If using phone the battery useage is same as android 9. Hope it'll be fixed SOON. Jittering is no more often after the jun 2020 patch. Haven't noticed any difference between working of camera or fingerprint scanner.

    For that previous comment. My Nokia 8 did that vibration whit android 8, but after upgrade to 9 it dissappeared. Nokia 9 started to do that vibration after android 10 update. Yes it's annoying...

  • It's not a bug it's feature. Probably it's by default on and the update changed the settings. To turn it off:

    1. Go to Settings / Sound
    2. Touch the "Vibrate for calls" and the slider will be in off position.
  • That only turns off vibration when someone calls me. Still the same bug is there that when I'm calling someone else and they answer, then the phone vibrates aggressively. Tried it today.

  • On my phone when I have it disabled there is no vibration when I make a call. After I enable it, my phone vibrates for a short moment right after the other party accepts the call.

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    this is a setting not a bug. open the phone app and goto settings located at the top right corner 3 dots. calling accounts and turn off answer alert and call-end alert.

  • @Jdi000, do you know why the UK has not received the December and jan patches yet?

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    Must be an approval issue local to UK. Rollouts are pending partner support so they have final say on when they're released in certain locations. Is their someone to contact at your service provider that can explain who controls this and when they expect it.

  • The carriers always have a generic response to those type of questions.

    Longer term, I was hoping that HMD would offer a desktop s/w update app to allow anyone (in any country) to manually update and bypass the carrier.

  • After seeing your message here I've decided to get in contact with my UK provider. (iD Mobile) They haven't been much help, saying that it's not done through their network. My Google Play is updated to January 2020 though. And I've just noticed that the security update is showing a red phone warning, but when i go to update, it says it's up to date.

  • Yes, my carrier doesn't even sell the Nokia 9 so not sure how they could approve either.

    Someone is lying, of both HMD and carriers are lying.

  • Well how about this :D recent apps doubling themselves

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    There is a governing body in countries that has governance over communications like cellular and radio tv broadcasting. The updates are release need some approval in your country

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    Still no update in the UK. Still on November. As far as I'm concerned I don't regard Nokia phones as true Android One devices. They don't deliver on time updates. HMD blame the carrier's but as no carrier's in the UK ever sold the phone then why did we get our earlier updates on time (and the pathetic 10 upgrade). They're lying. Project Treble was supposed to aid security updates. If this phone doesn't improve I will go for either a Samsung or Cheaper Pixel phone in the future.

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    Your updates are being blocked by your governing body over the carriers and the service not by HMD, they have released Android10, and the Jan sp. There must be some approval needed in your country. In the us have gotten a monthly update on every nokia phone always rare exception is month before a major os update like Android -10. The 9 got the Android 10 and the Jan patch. Since the Android 10 update is waiting on some approval it making the security patches fall behind.

  • I'm finding it hard to believe that our government, are holding back the updates specifically for the Nokia 9.

  • they are not. But it also surprises me that, by now, the android update procedure in the UK still seems to be a dark art that know one knows the truth about. Surely someone must know what is really happening.

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    Either the carriers or some other body has set up some requirements for testing and approval that has to happen before rollout is allowed.

  • Im sure the usual gadget news feeds would be all over this is some legislation had changed.