Charging Port Solution | DIY at home | Quick

As a Nokia fan it is a very disappointing issue to talk on.

Charging Port Solution | DIY at home | Quick

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As a Nokia fan it is a very disappointing issue to talk on. And the dilemma of so called "Under Warranty Repairs" (which costs around 1500 or more) or DIY repairs makes me sick.

So, if you are a lazy person like me and want some extended time to repair your phone later, you can go ahead.

If your phone is constantly connecting and disconnecting while charging you can try this method

Tools Needed: 1. Black Tape 2. Scissors

Method: Take out some tape and cut the tape horizontally about 3.5-4mm. Paste the tape at the metalic charging connector head in the data cable, at the bottom, where the cable ends and the metalic surface starts. Roll over the tape one single roll and cut the excess tape. You can roll twice if single roll doesn't work. Don't roll too much as it may jam the connector or may break the charging port. Also don't cover up the whole metalic connector as it may stuck inside or may disconnect the grounding connection to the circuit. This trick will tighten the charging connector head thus making a stable charging connection. For reference I have attached a pic of the work so that you can understand the method.

Hope this helps.

Note: This is a temporary solution. You need to repair for permanent results. I am using this method and it is working perfectly. I am not responsible for any mis-handling and damages occured.

What are you expecting more? Go, get only the security patches every month and charge your phone 😂


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