Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



  • So you were able to reboot into recovery from the pc? Got to the menu?

    Talk me through your steps

  • I'm currently on step 12.

    I'm able to get in to reboot recovery mode, and set my phone in to apply update from adb.

    On the phone is says

    'now send the package you want to apply.

    I then go back to the c:\ minimal adb.... and enter

    adb sideload ota.zip

    but then it says failed to start no such file or directory. I've given the pc a reboot and tried again but still get to this roadblock. Is there anything specific within the zip file that I can pull out and use or does it need everything?

  • Rename the file ota NOT ota.zip (the .zip is the extension the computer gives it)

  • You are close!!

  • I've tried both diferent versions of that. I've even gone through the permissions just to make sure the computer isn't blocking it. I've unchecked a few things as well . There was something in the properties at the bottom that I clicked to grant more permissions or something... it's gone now but my files look exactly like yours.

    ONE MORE REBOOT to make sure.

  • @Magicdesign

    Wow. There is nothing more satisfying rn than seeing this

  • Good work. Top tip: no more Dells, no more nokias

  • Although..... I just got this on the command

    But the phone showed as complete?

    Hmmmm ALMOST THERE. 😂

  • Certainly no more Nokia's. Never ventured down the DELL route, although the XPS 13 is very slick.

    Happy with my old Surface Pro 4 chugging along, as long as it is constantly plugged in. The battery on it is SHOCKING.

    The phone rebooted and is finishing the install, it worked, even though the adb said it failed at 94%

  • Thanks for your help going through this. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • AND as you said previously, the January update was sat there ready to be uploaded.

    I really think the Android 10 update has broken the security updates.

  • Happy to help :) hopefully your camera improves too.

  • I did say I would give Nokia until the iPhone 9 came out to sort the camera up. They've got one month left.

  • Have you enabled "Developer options" ? If so, check if "Show hardware layer updates" is enabled.

    If so, disable and see if the green stuff is gone, after restart.

  • Nope. Mine is already disabled in developer mode, but the issue has been there since android 10.

    someone else had suggested that it was a shadow box, which is used for light backgrounds, but should be removed for dark backgrounds (and wasn’t -hence the green haze)

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    It's going to have the form of the 8 but the internals of the 11.

    I'm fine with that. My work iPhone 6s is even better than this annoying Nokia 9

  • I've had it! OnePlus is now usage. Nokia/HMD can't even tell when the problem is gonna solved. Or if there any interest to do so because it's taking so long.

  • At first I though that you are right, but not really. Maybe it is supposed to work as you described. On my phone when I enabled "also vibrate on calls" it started to work as if "answer alert" was turned on. I could disable "also vibrate on calls" and it worked as if I disabled "answer alert".

    after reading your instructions I started to play with the "answer alert". To my surprise it had absolutely no effect. Whether it was On or Off, it wasn't changing anything related to vibration after an outgoing call was accepted.

    The other feature "call-end alert" worked as expected.

    But after some time I reached the situation when I my phone always vibrates when a call is answered. Now I fully understand the annoyance of user fn123. I managed to fix it temporarily by restarting the phone. But it appeared again.

  • as a workaround you can turn off notification vibration in Settings / Accessibility / Vibration & haptic strength / Notification vibration

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    Heard Android 10 update for Xiaomi mi A3 was withdrawn shortly after release because of serious bug reports. A series is xiaomi's Android one series. They released the update several months after Nokia started releasing the update. Does that mean, this a common issue that comes with all Android One smartphones? 🤔

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    Noticed that when I leave my home and WiFi my data will not work without a reboot of the phone

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    If it is, funny that Nokia have just ignored the issues. At least pull it off that's the case.

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    Is that why some Nokia 9 devices have not received it (perhaps)?

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    In that way Xiaomi is better as they quickly pulled of the update

  • Hello

    I'm new to Nokia 9 Pureview, but I am a bit of an Android veteran.

    After getting my Nokia, and getting the Android 10 update and all the recent security updates, I noticed something weird:

    • every time when I tried to make a phone call
    • every time when I tried to answer incoming call

    The phone app would crash, leading to the phone itself rebooting on its own shortly after.... EVERY TIME..

    I tried a lot of things, including a factory reset - which annoyed me greatly (as I then had to do a lot of manual setup to do - tones of various auth tokens and tools I had to reconfigure - thank goodness Authly has a backup/restore function)... ANY WAY...

    After a whole evening of grief I have finally found what was causing it !!!

    All the crashes were caused by a TELEMETRY app installed by Google called:

    • Android System WebView

    This was it. Uninstalling it, made my phone all happy again !! So if your phone happens to have similar behaviour post Android 10 upgrade, get rid of that garbage app.

    Essentially what happens is this:

    • if that app is not updated to latest , it starts crashing and filling up CACHE
    • cache fills up and all other apps start crashing randomly , including spontaneous reboots .

    Best regards


  • Interesting. I saw this update twice yesterday and then all of a sudden my camera app crashed when launching. I wonder if it is linked...

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    You know what? I'm sick of this phone so I'll try anything! Just uninstalled the updates for this app. Let's see what happens.