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Hi all,

For the ’old’ hands – you probably still remember this thread from the old community, just today I realized we never launched this thread again, so therefore I’m writing to you now.

Let’s have a ‘Say hello and user introduction’ thread again. Everyone new, old, regular, part-time, etc. user is very welcome to give your fellow community friends a nice hi and if you feel like it you can also tell a bit about you 😊.

I introduced myself already in another -thread- but will do it once more.

I’m Laura (although it is only my second name 😉) – your fellow Community Manager. Originally from the southern parts of Austria but living in Finland for now almost 5 years – and my Finnish is still crap. I’m part of the HMD team for about 2 years and belong officially to the Care team, but working closely with Social Media and Marketing. I do my very best to get your feedback to the different teams and in case of any questions concerning Community/Website/Log-in issues etc. I’m your person to go to. When I’m not managing communities or sitting in the office, I love to go to hockey games (one of the reasons why I moved to Finland) or geeking out about movies and games. A new found hobby is playing the Kalimba 😅. To end my introduction I post one picture of my beloved flatmate and partner in crime: Iita.

Feel free to ask in case you have more questions.

But now it is your turn. Tell us something about yourself!           




P.S. I will delete every post that is not fitting to the topic. There are so many other threads 😊 please ask your phone/HMD specific questions there.



  • @singhnsk it's No ranting, it's more a ,,please beware" for a better Future. So in a way, a more positive meaning. ☺️

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    Hi all 😀

    Great idea to bring this thread back @HMDLaura! 🤗

    So that's only your second name and @jumble121 isn't your cat, it's actually Lita?! 🐈️ I feel like we've all been living a lie these past two years! 🤣

    Oh, and you're in the Care team, not Marketing/Social Media... that's interesting, I had assumed the latter. Which wider part of HMD is Care in? Who is the boss of that team from this page?

    Nice to get to know you all a bit more anyway. Me, I'm Will, a Nokia "fan" - that word can mean so many things... I take it to mean enthusiastic follower, a bit like a football team supporter, someone who wants the team to win, be exciting to watch but is also one of the team's harshest critics, even if they're winning but now being exciting whilst doing it 😉

    My first Nokia was an N8, the truly truly awesome N8. In my opinion few smartphones have been as awesome and ahead of the pack at their time as the N8. And that's not just because it was available in metallic orange! (also blue, green, silver, magenta, purple and bronze I think).

    That started to creak a bit, due to way the storage was structured, and I wanted the latest and greatest so I got a Lumia 925... which was great but also left me a bit underwhelmed after the N8.

    I was waiting for a proper new flagship to be launched to replace the 925 but it never really arrived. Nokia disappeared, W10M happened and since my 925 was still going (albeit with the mainboard replaced 3 times I think) and my N8 used as a backup I didn't upgrade until my 925 died irrecoverably.

    Coincidentally this was about the time when HMD started up and launched it's first generation Android phones. I joined the community forum then and threw my efforts into highlighting all the great things which Nokia had done which I would like to see revived, and generally doing my best to keep up with the discussions in the off-device sections of the forums (since those were where the topics of interest for me generally are, and I've rarely been good at the community tech support stuff)!

    Now I have the (at the time) hotly anticipated Nokia 8, still going fairly strong and showing many scars from its time in my ownership!

    In real life I'm a control systems engineer living in France. I recently became a father again so my time on this forum is now even more limited than it had become over the past few months anyway.

    And if you're wondering how I managed to get so many forum points in the past 15 months the answer is that I have absolutely no idea at all, except obviously that I spent too much time here and it's probably a good idea to have good reasons to spend less! 🤣

    So, great to get to know you all a bit more, I look forward to our future discussions.

    Cheers 😃

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    Hi @madbilly warmest congratulations on the new addition to your family!🎉🎈 Are we seeing a baby boy? Or a baby girl? :) Would like to see how adorable the little Will is, if you don't mind :)

    Will Will willingly sign his will to willingly transfer everything to the little will? 😋 Sorry, I was just trying to cook a sentence while making an excessive use of your name :P

    @HMDLaura is quite a mystery 😁. I did compare Jumble with Lita and to my surprise, it was a negative. I wish Google was so powerful that I could do a reverse image search to find the owner of Miss Lita 😅 Or finally make a meaningful use of the Google Assistant button - "Hey Google, find the woman living in Finland who owns a cat named Lita"! 😂 Jokes apart, that would be quite a dig at user privacy. I hope we don't see such advanced tech in the future.

    Umh.. The football example.. Do you not like Cricket cause....? haha! Several before you were mentioning of their favorite cricket players. Cricket is the only sport I watch, yet I do not have any favorites to name.

    You are special to the community as you're one who founded several exciting discussions here (BTW, has anybody created more discussions than you?!). You are probably the only one (on the forums at-least) digging deep into the functioning of hmd and knowing more about people who work at HMD (can't really decide which case to use. HMD cause HMD? Or hmd cause.. idk?), including the relations with FIH, TNS, Evenwell. I'm not surprised of your points because you didn't participate for the points and you make such balanced use of words that your comments are mostly always worthy of a reaction. I do wonder if by now you know more about hmd as a whole than most of its employees?! 😮


    @HMDLaura I wouldn't mind that change in your username, but don't blame me if you start getting a flood of DMs and tags 😉😂😂

  • HMDLaura
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    @shaikh amaan fm and @nikhilkunwar0904 nice to hear from you too :D

    @nokianchetan I actually am on twitter but with such an old account (when twitter was uncool) that I only use it to lurk around and read news instead of a proper use. I definitely should polish the whole thing up and start to get active.

    @madbilly aaawh congrats on the new family member 🎉😀 hope he/she is happy and healthy.

    Well, we all have our secrets don't we 😋. I think the avatar @jumble121 is using pops up when you look for "Cute Cats" in google search. The account is older than Iita (double i because Finns love double vowels 😅) so she couldn't be roaming around in the community back then.

    When I started at HMD the Care team was under Pia Kantola after she left we got moved to Juho Sarvikas' team.

    I'm still so happy that we have you in the community because as @singhnsk mentioned there is no other member who is creating so many discussions (and sometimes ruining my surprises or ideas) than you do, which helps me and us a lot to keep the community going.

    @singhnsk I actually thought I'm quite easy to find in some channels but ok maybe not with cat pictures 😁. Hahaha, I wasn't considering the negative aspect of the name change. Probably better to stay with my current one and the Snake picture.

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    Hi @HMDLaura and @singhnsk,

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂 mother and baby are both doing well thanks 😁

    Cricket is a great game, but not one I follow, I just like to play it. 🏏

    Hmmm, @HMDLaura this is all starting to sound a bit fishy 🐟️ Are you actually a cat called Jumble? 🐱

    Or more likely you're dog called Liita? 🐶

    Anyway, I think your true identity is safe; @singhnsk still hasn't managed to find me on Twitter and my nick there is only a minor variation of the one here 😉

    IIRC correctly, Pia Kantola was head of customer experience, which is where I always thought tech/customer support/aftersales (I suppose that's what "Care" is?) would be based.... although since it appeared that lots of people's experiences weren't good then maybe that arrangement didn't work very well and when Pia left it made sense to merge customer experience with products to get more of a feedback loop. Hopefully this means that more of our concerns, bug reports, suggestions etc are making it back to the product development teams and product maintenance teams (if that's what they're called) - the people who are responsible for looking after a product once it's been released into the wild. It was never clear to me which team these people were based before, but that was in the world of FIH Mobile and TNS (someone from Social Media suggested maybe TNS were responsible for product maintenance and ongoing support) whereas now I believe that these people must be in HMD, not contractors, and I can't think of any other part of HMD it would make sense for them to be in, so they must be in products, right? ❓️

    Since this is a Say Hello thread, maybe you can get all the people at HMD who have a forum account to pop in and say hello? Especially the people you work with in Social Media, since that team's changed quite a bit in the past year.

    Cheers 😀

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    @HMDLaura Ohhh, I misunderstood her name as Lita. Not feeling stupid because @madbilly did the same (TWICE) 😛. So, she's Iita. Noted.

    I'll try to find you on "some" channels but gonna be hard to be sure its you. Or did I find you already? 😉

    @madbilly The difference was only that I did not know you were on Twitter. Otherwise I like playing with the eyes (ahm!) 😋 Thanks! xD

    I think your conclusion about them being in products is the right one. Also supporting you about seeing other HMD employees to say "Hi" too, but that's not it. They should some times roam around here and talk too. The last "introduce yourself" thread saw a number of HMD staff to show up, but they never logged back in again (or its been a long time since they did). Do they still work at HMD?

  • It's iita with no L, we all misread her name XD

  • @singhnsk @HMDLaura

    From my mother to friends everyone tell me that I'm laziest person on earth. And almost every day my mother for at least for one time she says "I will never do the work(job) and earn anything. You are to lazy to do anything and when you will be placed somewhere in future, you will ask your boss to work instead of doing it for yourself." That made me to keep the username for the same.

    Actually I'm lazy a lot but not at my passion and in things I'm interested in. Photography and travelling is my most favorite things to do in my life and for the same I can do anything. Also I'm social media freak so I spend a lot of time when I don't travel.

    Forum is the place where I get some knowledge, interact like minded people, share my thought(rarely), help other etc. I just love Nokia.

  • joe367
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    Hi, I'm Amal, from Kothamangalam, Kerala, India. (Southern part of Inida). I have just completed my B-Tech course. I'm not very active on any Social media platforms. (I think I've posted more here, than anywhere else!). I feel like this is the perfect place to connect to people all around the world, because we don't feel strangers. We're connected by the same emotions (😁 and 😣) that comes with Nokia.

    I would like to see this community grow and meet with all of you at some point in life. I would also like to see a 'Tell us more about your place' page in future 🤗.

  • HMDLaura
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    Oh nooo, @madbilly revealed my secret identity 😮 and even found a picture of me at my work place. Do you even have an idea how hard it is to use a keyboard with my little paws? 😁😁😁

    I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. It made sense to move all the customer care/support related topics to Juhos' team. As for the TNS stuff, I'm having difficulties to comment on this. I never really had a full insight in this situation and don't want to spread any misinformation.

    I'll try to get some of my colleagues in this thread too - no promises though.

    @singhnsk IG might be your best shot especially now with Iita's picture and knowing one of my most used nicknames 😉.

    Getting internal people on the community and having them participating more often has been quite a challenge to me, unfortunately. There were quite many changes since this introduction thread you're speaking of - so I agree it would be great to get the team on here. I'll try my best.

    @Lazysince1995 ah ok :D well, happy to hear you're not lazy in the community. Good to have you here.

    @amal joe hello there, thanks for your introduction. Great to hear you like to be active in the community 😃. The "tell us more about your place" idea definitely got my attention. I will think about something.

    Best regards and good start into the week to all of you.


  • @singhnsk I am reqlly proud hold it's such a unique thing from any aspect weather strength or the diamond cut design. if it was any other phones I would have been forced to replace withing an year. NOKIA 6.1 Really a build like tank stuff.

  • really??😃😃 @amal joe don't say you are from MA college.

    @HMDLaura thanks for the discussion. I guess I have got a neighbour from this discussion.

    Nokia really connects people. 😍