[Merged] Android 10 contact search is not working on my Nokia 6.1



  • The same problem on my Nokia 7.1 (TA-1095) after Android 10 update.

  • Hello,

    it gets more and more annoying that there is no visible resonspe from Nokia or Google on this subject.

    Using the telefon app = most important app, sorry it's still a phone... is far away from beeing comfortable.

    If somebody from Nokia is monitoring this forum: Just say something!

  • I am having the same problem with my Nokia 6.1. I have over 6,000 business contacts in my phone so I will probably have to replace it if Nokia doesn't come up with a solution very soon.

  • Hallo zusammen, ich denke Nokia ist es egal! Sie haben die Handys verkauft und gut ist! Die Sache mit den Update ist auch nichts weiter als Werbung die Handys verkaufen sich weil wir denken toll ein Handy zu haben was immer aktuell ist, aber leider ist es nicht nutzbar! Nokia wird wieder vom Markt verschwinden genau wie die letzten Male, sie lernen nicht dazu!

  • Same here, Android is worlds worst OS I have ever seen.

    Third class memory management, millions regressions in each update, no improvement in performance.

    Junk OS

  • Re: Contact search issue

    More and more annoying that there is no resonspe from NOKIA or Google for this issue.

    If somebody from Nokia is here in this forum then please just reply.

  • Nokia6_1userchennai
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    Any solution for this ? I couldn't search effectively contacts in my Nokia 6.1 plus. It's getting too difficult. Kindly help ASAP.

  • I am also facing same problem with nokia 7plus after upgrade to Android 10. Tried to take help from Nokia but the solution provide was to do factory reset. I have not done the same and living with the same issue with no support from Nokia in resolving the issue without factory reset.

  • I have also same issue in my nokia 6.1 unable to search all contacts through phone app

  • This is fixed with latest Contacts version available on Google Play. This has never been a Nokia-specific bug, or Android 10 OS issue in the first place

    Get some clue, people.

  • Hello,

    if latest contacts app version is 3.17.292900247 - in this case I disagree.

    Update done. Contacts search inside the telefon app still not working.

    Is there any special step you had to perform after the update? (eg. Reboot phone)?

  • If you have broken search in Phone app, you'll need to wait for fixed Phone app. Search now works just fine in *Contacts* app. Again, there's nothing for Nokia to do here, nag Google to fix bugs in their app. Ranting here is very much useless.

  • There is at least one discussion about this issue, but no reply from Google at all.


  • I have search problems too. This update is a disaster.

  • My solution was to use the same word I use to search in nickname. it works

  • My phone also has the same issue (Some contacts that are available in the address book not seen in search results). Phone: Nokia 6.1 Plus, OS: Android 10 :/

  • I've been in contact with Nokia and they were quite knowledgeable and helpful. They provided many options, all of which I tried. Unfortunately, nothing fixed the problem.

    Like others here, I have many business contacts and often communicate using group text for different, dynamic teams. It's getting very hard to use my phone!

    Are there any third-party contact/search/message apps which might be a temporary fix? Is there anything in f-droid?

  • Hello everyone, a new version has come out and as the problem has been corrected, at least I tried it and now the contacts appear when I write the last name, not the first name, the search makes it correct.



  • Alexandru Aanitei
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    Same problems in Romania with Nokia 6.1 TA-1043 after Android 10 update. In Google Phone app, in the contacts tab, searching contacts works partially using only first name (last name or company returns no results). And not all of the contacts show up by searching first names. Furthermore not all of the calls show up in Phone app call logs. I tried a bunch of settings all the way to factory reset, joining beta for phone app, uninstalling updates to phone app and nothing worked.

    The best solution I came up with , until hopefully Nokia releases a bug fix in next updates, was installing Simpler Dialer to replace Google phone app. It works, it's got close-to-default interface and has no ads or in-app purchases.

    Only Google Phone and Google Messages apps have this problem - not finding contacts as they should. Google Contacts app is working as it should

  • Finally who will solve the problem of searching the phone app? Does anyone officially tell us? Unfortunately Nokia never again.

  • Dear All

    I have saved lots of contact in my device Nokia 6.1., But When I tries to search it does not show any result.

    I am using Android 10 and 46.0.300262450 version of Phone Dialer Application using right now. And I am facing this issue last from 1 month approx.

    I tried many time to customer care and they gave me step to follow the troubleshooting. I did the same but no result. Finally I have did factory reset even after there is no positive result.

    so, do anyone have any solution.

  • I am not able to search contacts by last name in my nokia 6.1 mobile after updating to Android 10.

  • Not only you alone but most of them are facing this the same in Nokia 6.1 Device

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  • James Baca
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    Just installed the 01MAR update and contacts search still doesn't work in Google Messages or the stock phone app. Phone isn't a big deal, but group messages in the Messages app is a colossal inconvenience and makes it nearly impossible. The only way to do it is to use the contacts app, search a contact, copy #, switch to Messages, paste #, switch back to Contacts, look up next contact...serious pain!!

  • Ayyappan M
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    Facing the same issue till now, if any solution available kindly provide the same.

  • These things did not correct issue:

    • March security patch
    • Removing and adding my account as some have suggested
    • Clearing storage/cache for Contacts, Phone, Messages, or any other app.
    • Resetting all app preferences.

    I also just got done chatting with NOKIA Tech support. Their solution was to "change the app" meaning to get a 3rd party app, but I've found most don't work, either.

    Some phones from other manufacturers seem to be having this problem, but not with the prevalence of Nokia's.

    For anyone who does group texting, this is a significant issue.

    Might be time for a new phone (and not a Nokia).

  • My 6.1 plus, contact search is not working properly, just some of the contacts that shows in search results.

  • Hello James,

    I can only agree to your statement: This extremly frustrating - the problem exists since december 2019 and there is no response at all neither from Nokia not Google.