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Dear user187, Your carrier is not in the Android OTA Update database for the missing updates.  You now have serveral options: Option 1:

No September Update available


  • Dear user187,

    Your carrier is not in the Android OTA Update database for the missing updates. 

    You now have serveral options:

    Option 1:

    just wait and do nothing. with very much luck your carrier changes his name to one, which is in the Android OTA Update database. 

    Option 2:

    Download and install the Update from

    Option 3:

    Remove your SIM, make a factory reset and boot without SIM.

    Option 4: 

    Insert and boot with a SIM from another carrier.

  • Who maintains the Android OTA update database? Who do I need to contact to have my carrier added?
  • user1506421232616 user1506421232616
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    First, you have to look whether your carrier name is old (invalid) or not. 

    Because in my case, the carrier used an old not any more existing carrier name. Last week my carrier changed the name from old to new. After that, my phone found immediately the October update to Android 7.1.2

    If your carrier name is not valid any more, contact your carrier. Otherwise the HMD Global developers have to add your carrier to the Android OTA database.

  • Where can I find more information on this?
  • You have to look into the carrier list for your region, like

    If your carrier name is in that list, contact HMD Global. Otherwise your carrier.

  • bernd bernd
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    What is the reason for that strange "carrier name verification"? For me it is senseless - and against HMD/Nokia's promise of "regular updates".

  • user187 user187
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    Dear Bernd,

    Thank you! You summarized it perfectly.
  • Dear Bernd,
    the reason for this senseless issue, is the bad designed Android OS.
    There is no real separation between hardware, OS and user interface in the Android OS.
    Because of that, there is no hardware Independent update concept.
    Every update have to contain the hardware specific, and sometimes carrier specific, device drivers.
    To manage this lack of update concept, in the OTA Update database have to be every possible carrier for your phone.

  • itsmepramods itsmepramods
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    My nokia 6 ta 1021 (india) got aug and September security patch update but m not getting latest oct security patch and 7.1.2 update. I tried factory reset without sim but still no luck. Nokia customer support give proper reply regarding this issue.. many ppl around d globe facing same issue
  • the reason, why provides are a separate filter is simple. It gives them the possibility to fill the android os with their bloatware. its nothing to do with the os itself, its just a possibilty more to create branded handies, on which you cannot change the sim to another provider.
  • bernd bernd
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    I still wonder how other phone companies can provide updates, e.g. Huawei (same carrier). I'm still thinking that Nokia's implementation of the software update process is wrong - e.g. if provider is a separate filter, ok, but why not simply ignore it to fulfil the promise of "regular software updates"? We, the customers, have two options: either refund and return phone, or find a way to boot without SIM card, delete previous provider information (it must be stored somewhere ....) ... to avoid the nasty factory reset. Are there any other options?

  • @Bernd: take Option 2 from one of my previous posts

  • bernd bernd
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    Many thanks user...616, but I own a Nokia 3 - with the same problems with regular software updates as Nokia 6.

  • I've been emailing Nokia support about this issue and they claim that it is a carrier setting that is blocking the updates and that there is nothing they can do. They refused to give me any technical information about the setting claiming that as it isn't something that I can change that it is their policy not to give out that information.

    Is this possible? I haven't found any technical information about this whole process so it is difficult to know what the truth is.
  • bernd bernd
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    Thanks Simon. OK, Nokia is obviously resistent to customer issues. Very bad. Guess what I will do - return that crap to Nokia and buy a Samsung, Huawei or even Cubot phone. For example, Cubot Magic has a much better hardware than the Nokia 3, but costs less than 100 Euros. It's on Android 7.0. Software updates? Forget it - but they do not happen for Nokia phones either. HMD/Nokia, Good bye.

  • And the final word from Nokia support:
    Hi Simon,

    HMD Global has provided the most efficient method for firmware distribution to our end users.

    The only alternative solution we can provide you would be to switch your mobile service provider

    If this solution is not up to your liking, I would like to reiterate that this is a matter you should be taking up with your mobile service provider.
  • optimus optimus
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    Hello guys, i recently bought TA 1033 ss and I am very pleased with this phone but now I have a problem with october/nougat update. Everything was fine when I first started the phone, all updates have downloaded quickly till September update with no problem. Now I just cant believe that i will ne to perform data reset with no sim. I hope that HMD will fix this and yes my country is on Europe list for mobile operators.Yesterday i sent email to HMD and I am waiting for their answer..
  • I really do not understand, why HDM Global doesn't create a web page with download links for the updates like google does! This would cost them nearly nothing.

  • user187 user187
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    So im just updating my Nokia 6 using the back door fix by putting another sim from another operator in my phone.

    Hope this problem will be solved by Nokia once the November and/or oreo udate arrives!

  • Maximilian Knopp Maximilian Knopp
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    We have the same Problem Modell TA-1033, carrier is O2 Germany. It's a shame that nobody care!!! 

    I've got lucky i just remove the Sim, start the telephone and Updates arrive immediately. 

  • optimus optimus
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    Well good for you bro :) I am in Serbia, i also removed sim, did reset but nothing is happening. It seems that i will need to do data reset, but I will wait few more days...
  • @CrazyWilli

    I have also the carrier O2 Germany and no Problems with the updates, since the carrier name on my SIM changed last week from "E-Plus" to "o2- de". Is "o2 - de" your exact carrier name?

  • sorry to hear that.

    I think about the problem, would a Network reset with no sim in it solve the problem?

  • Option 4 works fine for me

    I have that same issues with o2-germany, no update since august. I just inserted an old and expired us-h2o sim into the phone (ta-1021), rebooted and it started to download the september update immediately.

  • carrier name is "o2-de+". It is a brand new SIM. We bought two TA-1033, both have the same problem, my with new SIM and the other with a two years old, both original o2 sim
  • I still don't get this carrier business. I bought my Nokia 6 sim free and unlocked and any update is done on wi-fi. I'm on the September update but only because I did a factory reset.
  • Update: after installing the september patch, i switched back to my o2 sim and it starts downloading the october/7.1.2 update. I think nokia **** up the ota database entries.

  • user187 user187
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    Seems to be a problem related to o2 carrier, as i'm on o2 Germany and it didn't find an update with a old o2 sim as well as with a brand new o2 sim. When i changed it to a T-mobile Sim the updates appeared.

    Anyone tried to contact o2 ?

  • I agree that it looks like an O2 issue. I have an unlocked TA-1033 on O2 UK. It finds and installs updates after a factory reset with no SIM card installed but then nothing after the SIM is installed.

    I can't try with another operator because I don't have a SIM card.

    Would be great if someone could get O2 and HMD to talk and sort the issue. It's probably an easy fix but it's frustrating for the users. Makes HMD look a bit clueless as well.
  • optimus optimus
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    Well guys believe it or not, i did factory data reset trough settings, without sim card in my phone and after reset my Nokia 6 TA 1033 ss was still on September update and new October/nougat update is still not available on my phone. Did I do something wrong, any advice?
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