[Moved] Contact search not working after Android 10 update

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My nokia 6.1 plus is having issue with contact search after android 10 update. When part of the name is searched no contacts or wrong ones are being shown. I'm running a business & making a call has become so damn difficult.

Plz resolve this issue ASAP


  • Hi,

    Even for my nokia 6.1 plus is having issue with contact search after android 10 update.

    Let me know if any of you have found any fix for this issue.

  • hello my nokia 9 pureview is slow in camera processing and freeze on gaming like trix game

  • Search in phone book not working properly not showing the results properly even if you give exact name

  • Agree with all. After android 10 update contact search is a headache. Have to seach exact name in contacts. We want seach from any place as before.

  • Facing difficulty in contact search. Now to search any contact first name is required. Previously it picked from any clue.

  • singhnsk
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    Hopefully they will fix it in a future update :)

  • benny
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    Sinds the A 10 upgrade my nokia always gets freeze lagging . And more stuff i really getting **** off about . I hope they get a new Android or go back to 9 jeez . I really hate A. 10 not good for yuor Phone

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    On Nokia 7.1 Telegram Calls don't work. You can hear the other, but they can't hear you.

  • I am using Nokia 7plus is having serious issue of accessing contacts from address book. It appears that the data icontact is reshuffled as we look at new interface for editing contacts. Also it shows error in editing contacts. It forces to go to address book and scroll thru the list for required contact. Request to resolve the issue with high priority...

  • Both my wife and I are having serious problems with contact search since Android 10 upgrade on our Nokia 7 Plus phones

  • Hi HMD global,

    I am using Nokia 7 plus and since i updated my phone to android 10, i am not able to search my saved contacts by typing their names. Only the search result are showing the recent contacts. Everytime i need to scroll down to the particular contact to get the details in my phonebook. Kindly suggest some work around or resolve the issue on priority.

  • I did open a bug https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/148890815 on February 5 on this issue. I described the behavior. The contacts on the phone app are searched by the corresponding digit (ITU E 1.161) to the letter touched. Vice versa, if you enable the NUMERIC KEYPAD the contacts are revealed by their letter corresponding to the touched digit.

    The bug was closed on May 29 with the status "Status: Won't Fix (Intended Behavior)". Frustrating....

  • You have to go to the store and update the apps: Google Dialer and Google Contacts

  • "Updating the app Google Contacts" worked for me.