[Merged] Cracking sound issue after Android 10

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Cracking sound issue in PubG, Piano, Harmonium, All games. January Update also not fixed the problem. Nokia Disappointing People.



  • vıꙅʜʌʟ
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    After the Android 10 update for nokia device's the major issue is third party apps sound issue. A crackling like sound can be heard and it is too disturbing. Everyone thought it will be fixed after the (January security patch update) but not fixed after the January update.I think Nokia is not going to fix it soon... hmm hope the apps updates may fix the issue!

  • Its security update not maintenance release. Security release doesn't fix issues of os update or any build updates.

  • Pixel 2 device also had a same issue and that got fixed after January security update!😏

  • Again nokia breaks connecting people concept

  • Miinka25
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    Android 10 new build will be released along with a monthly security patch to fix the major bugs.

    Assuming 8.1 will be fixed first as it got Android 10 first in October full of bugs.

    Stay alert.

  • I faced the same issue

    Downgrade the OS to android 9....

    Its worked for me

    Let's just hope they resolve the issue and send an update without any bug

  • Nokia 6.1 plus a good phonephone

  • Alfredo Hernan Acevedo
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    I have the same problem with the sounds of 6.1 plus.

  • Whatsapp as well

  • That's right I noticed it it happens only in games I thought that it is a hardware problem

  • Visit nokia care in your locality.... They will do it for you

  • Yesterday I received an update Android 10 .After I installed it ,there was a noise sound from the speaker while opening game and whatsapp audio .I make sure this is note the problem of my phone speaker .It was the problem of the update.So please fix it in the next update.I hope you are make it fast .

  • Lelis
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    I have the same problem since january after Android 10 update. No solutions until now....

  • Lelis
    Lelis ✭✭

    My Nokia 6.1 plus has the same issue.

  • V M K
    V M K ✭✭

    After updated my android software 10 Pie. My phone Bluetooth not connecting with any Bluetooth device (speaker, car device, Etc).

    Let me know any solution Nokia having to solve.

  • Elo
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    On my 8.2 with android 9. snappy crackling sounds when some audio supposet to start. sometimes nothing - but all the sudden all sound effects trying to play at once. - and is not on speaker fault because its same on my bluetooth headphones also

  • V M K
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    Hi Nokia Team,

    When will get resolve Bluetooth device issue in Android 10. otherwise please replace mobile which is not making this type of issue from Nokia.

    this issue almost live from 3month after android 10 updates. Still no action from Nokia service center.

  • Mih16
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    After February patch my battery is getting charged at a very slow rate.also have the sound issue.

  • In Pubg game not hd graphics support in my Nokia 6.1 plus device. Why not hd graphics supporting in Nokia 6.1 plus. This is not fair

  • Same issue with nokia 6.1 and Android 10.... crackling sounds coming from bottom speaker with WhatsApp and games..really annoying

  • Hello

    Still having the same issue even after the resent update

  • Wait for MR update which should mostly come in march itself hope for the best it comes with bug fixes since past 3 months nokia has been ignoring customers problems !