Audio bug in Nokia 6.1 Android 10 update

Audio output from my nokia 6.1 became worse after updating to android 10. Volume levels became extremely loud and distorted.

Audio bug in Nokia 6.1 Android 10 update

harish92 harish92
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Audio output from my nokia 6.1 became worse after updating to android 10. Volume levels became extremely loud and distorted. The default equiliser app does not function properly. Base and clarity of sound decreased very much.

Also while playing pubg mobile there's a cringy noise through out the game play.

It is the same with device speaker, wired and Bluetooth headphones.

I tried reinstalling music apps and pubg mobile and factory resetting the device but no use.

Hope nokia will fix this ASAP with the next update.


  • All apps making distorted sound issue after updating to Android 10 Update in Nokia 6.1 Plus. Worst Experience with NOKIA.

  • Prakarsh Prakarsh
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    Actually that is the problem/bug with that update. Stay tight. Nokia will eventually roll out a fix. It's not like they might be completely ignoring everything.

  • audio volume automatic slow in nokia 6.1

  • Nokianer Nokianer
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    by my Nokia 6.1 the same Problem. Speaker very bad now !! Hope will be fixed with next Update....

  • Sayan Mitra Sayan Mitra
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    Same problem bro.. Equalizer effects not working

  • manishsaini776 manishsaini776
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    Cracking Sounds in What's app, PubG, Piano, Harmonium All Apps making cracking sounds since Android 10 Update. Waited for January Update NOT FIXED. Again waited for February Update Still Not Fixed. NOKIA THINKING CUSTOMERS ARE FOOL. WE NEED FIX FOR THIS ASAP NOKIA. SHAME ON YOU NOKIA. WASTE SERVICE.

  • Sunny Dre Sunny Dre
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    I recently received security patch update February 2020, but the crackling sound while playing games (Call Of Duty) and hearing to whatsapp audios, still exists. Are others going through this same issue in Nokia 6.1? If so, did anyone find a solution? When will HMD/Nokia shall fix this?

    Help appreciated!

  • Groeni68 Groeni68
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    Same Problem! Very annoying 😡

  • arytapermana arytapermana
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    Check this:

    I think the problem is top speaker of phone using Android 10

  • bc100202129 bc100202129
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    That creepy noise also present when playing Whatsapp audio msgs.

  • oramakoma oramakoma
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    Since the update to Android 10, I got those exact same problems. WhatsApp audio messages are so bad crackling .. NOKIA PLS HELP

  • Baijnath Baijnath
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    Hii Nokia team I am facing sound issue in my Nokia 6.1 after the update of android 10 . Sound starts tickling while playing PUBG GAME AND COD GAME. This only happens while playing game like pubg or cod . I am requesting you to fix this problem ASAP .



  • When will Nokia 6.1 one receive another android 10 uodate, to sort out the sound bug experienced in some games.

  • The crackling isn't the only issue with the sound. another issue I found is that when I plug my phone into my pc using the headphone jack (into pc line in) the phone gets messed up and when the it is connected and the phone outputs sound to the speaker and when it is disconnected there is no sound output. This didn't happen when under Android 9.

  • Nirmal Katariya Nirmal Katariya
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    Wait for next MR update.

    Hope will it fix all issues regarding sounds.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Symbian Symbian
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    What's new? Was it fixed by any of last updates?

  • Symbonic Symbonic
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    I suspect it won't ever be fixed. The phone doesnt (technically) need to be, it's now 2yrs old this should have been the last MR for the Nokia 6.1 2018 TA-1050.

    Unless I'm wrong (i hope i am please correct me) the only updates we're going to get for the next year are security updates from google alone not anything from Nokia.

    What is the best guess as to why Android seems so broken in this device, what has actually happened? I'd like to know what you all think or know

    I'm thinking...

    Codecs are being misread (audio bug) 

    File calling is off (slow loading/transition glitches) 

    Certificates (maybe dates have run out/not updated so loading is done differently maybe)


    The thing is...

    Is it Google or Nokia that created the long list of bugs, or a mix of the two? (not important)

    Would it be Nokia or Google that fix the issues everyone seems to be experiencing?

    And will it be fixed?


  • Nokia2019 Nokia2019
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    My Nokia 6.1 battery temperature stuck at 44° Celcius, but the phone fells normal. I have restart it several times, also switched off for half an hour but it still showing same 44°. Please help..

  • zeyshy zeyshy
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    No bro the audio will be fixed in the next april security update and the phone will receive updates till 3 years old so yea they will be other updates

    And if not i guess the only way to fix the problem is to downgrade the phone to android pie or oreo that's it guys

  • Pakjunkman Pakjunkman
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    NOKIA 6.1 A9





  • zeyshy zeyshy
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    I guess they didn't solve the cracklings issues in the april security update i dont now if an MR update will come but we really need it because it's annoying please HMD do something to nokia 6.1 sound issues in some apps/games after android 10 MR update

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