[Merged] Nokia 7.2 lagging issue. Notification and finger sensor are working slow.

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Dear Nokia Team,

Still lagging issue of Nokia 7.2 not resolve by you guys. Why such delay is happening to resolve this? Or you guys don't care about your customers. It's very irritating.



  • Yes I am facing the problem

  • Clear storage of quickstep app ..this is reducing notification bar lag

    But resets home screen shortcuts

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    Did some quick searches online when mine started lagging...


    Quickstep (formerly known as ' Launcher 3') seems to be causing a lot of lags, crashes and hangups on numerous phones/brands .

    Entirely replacing it with a seems to be be the most recommended solution (for the brave ones) that according to comments soles majority of issues for good.

    My 7.2 is totally a different piece after replacing the launcher with Nova:

    Snappy, no crashes, fp-reader responsive, ...

  • There should be an official update to change the launcher by HMD. If we guys keep on working for the fixes then why has nokia sold this phone for a premium ? Very disappointed by the way this company is behaving on the customer concerns.

  • Somewhat disagree; The launcher (Quickstep) isn't HMD's it's GOOGLES headache.

    It's a part of Android One program AFAIK.

    That might be a breach of agreement.

  • I bought my nokia 7.2, The major problem I am facing from very first day is the device is lagging extremely! Even I press the unlock button it takes time to display the lockscreen! Please look into this

  • I just bought my nokia 7.2. And the status bar is lagging very much whenever I tried to on or off any features please fix this nokia.

  • Same here...nokia pl fix issues...

  • singhnsk
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    A temp fix to the notiifcations lag is to set a larger screen size (in Settings => Display). Or reducing the PPI (in Developer Options) to fit lesser text on a single screen. I keep the size to default and the lags are much lesser as compared to the "small" counterpart.

  • I had the same problems with my Nokia 7.2.

    I solved most of them by using the NovaLauncher Prime.

    Most lags are gone and Fingerprint ist faster.

    I think the preinstalled launcher is crap.

  • I use Nova Launcher (Prime) but sometimes there is still a noticeable delay when unlocking the device with either the fingerprint or pattern unlock method. It feels like the device is coming out of some deep sleep state. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds for the screen to become active.

  • Jocke.Sve
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    Did You disable or uninstall default launcher?

    Or just added and choose another?

    I have uninstalled the default launcher (quickstep) entirely and difference in 'snappiness' is noticeable.

    "Lagginess" is 99% gone and barely noticeable ...

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    Not facing any kind of lag or glitch so far... Complete wow experience only wish the phone was slimmer.

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    To avoid this issue I am using Nova Launcher Please request to try.

  • Nokia team

    They are dumb, unprofessional & looser.

    Don't know why they're damaging the brand name if they don't know how to build. Stop the production and stop wasting our hard earned money also.


  • Jocke.Sve
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    Many of lagging and hanging issues are related to the really buggy "QuickStep" launcher.

    There are even tools developed to remove QuickStep from phones/tablets at XDA.

    The easiest way to get rid of that plague manually is to disable (or remove if preferred) it totally via ADB.

    Read full info and links here...

  • The notification panel is too much hang from the purchase day. They didn't even fix

    It's too much irritated

    Why they are not fixing it

    I think the HMD GLOBAL forgotten about nokia 7.2 updates what are they doing. Why are they not fixing the BUGS

  • Yes facing the same issue. Even the notification panel is coming down automatically and randomly.

  • kiron kbk
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    Iam facing hang in nokia 7.2after the last security update its badly hanging.  The hmd global are not villing to solve this issue what are they doing     

    Its a big fault from hmd global

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    Hi @kiron kbk please do not write in all capitals. I will fix it this time, but your submission might be deleted the next time.


    As for the problem, yes, it is a known issue after the recent updates. Hopefully the Android 10 update will fix it. It is coming soon.

    For the time being, try setting a higher display size. I face reduced lags when using the display with its size set to "Default".

  • The last update for nokia 7.2 made my phone hang badly when will you solve this problem. When will be the next update. I am fed up with the hang

    Notifications are coming too slowly ,can you fix this faster pls

  • FTBK
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    Hi! You can try the most helpful method - factory reset. It helps in a half of cases.

    If it does not help, switch active slot in fastboot mode. (You can do it using ADB)

    Maybe this will help.

    Do not forget to backup your photos and other stuff via computer!

  • Ofcourse! Myself also the issue I am facing.. kindly give a solution for this. I hope the android version will solve all that. Plz update very soon. Or else the 7.2 will get bad reviews about its performance..

  • Racer
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    After recencent update it act like hanging

  • Hi Nokia Team,

    I know your working hard to deliver high quality, I have purchased Nokia 7.2 2 Months back and prior to that I was using Nokia 6.1.

    Your phone are leggings like samsung, I never thought that Nokia phone could hange too, This hang too much I mean crosses level of irritation most of the time.

    Face detection is too much slow and does not recognise face most of the time, Actually not most of the time it never recognise face.

    Two more thing front camera in night does not have flesh so no use of it & While typing this message notification bar coming automatically again and again without touching them, some time seems like it work by it mood, So much AI is causing a problem.

    I like the Nokia 6.1 at some level, but so much unsatisfied with Nokia 7.2 Would not recommend this to anyone to my relatives and friends.

    Good thing is premium look and Android update nothing else.

    If you guys can do, roll out some update?